Research paper introduction: what you should know


An introduction of a written assignment is usually considered quite a simple task to complete. Students think that it is just a beginning of their work, which is not worth their attention. Nevertheless, statistic shows that many readers just put aside the paper if its introduction is boring or doesn’t provide general ideas of the whole work.

Moreover, an introduction of a research paper greatly differs from the one of an essay or dissertation. That is why, we have created a tutorial to help you and make your introduction as interesting and complete, as possible.

By following all our advices, you will get a chance to make the audience want to read your work and engage the audience from the first line. In case you need extra information, you can download a research paper introduction example and get fresh ideas on the topic you are interested in.

How to write a research paper introduction

Below is a list of tips, which are compulsory if you want to create an outstanding introduction and give the reader a clear idea about your research paper.

Announce the topic

If you want to learn how to write an introduction for a research paper your first concern should be stating your topic. Depending on the side you are on, the same topic may sound differently, so first you need to understand what arguments you want to represent.

After choosing the topic, you need to announce it. Your first sentence should simply paraphrase the topic to give the reader a clear idea of the matter. Then write a sentence or two on the things that concern you, as it is a great way to intrigue the audience.

The best advice here is to start with the general overview and narrow it to specific aspects you want to discuss. If there are complex terms and phrases in the text, explain them to make your paper readable and clear.

Complete a research

A research paper is a task, which requires careful attention to the sources, as it should always be backed with reliable data and facts. While your essay or report can solely base on personal opinion, a research paper is all about analyzing information.

Just find enough spare time for collecting information and analyzing it thoroughly. In such a way, your research paper introduction and other sections will sound professional. For example, you can include statistics or graphs to your introductory section to catch attention of the reader.

Another great idea is to start with a quote of a famous scientist or scholar, who support the same ideas. However, you should have a sense of style not to make your introduction a simple enumeration of facts.

Write a thesis statement

Thesis statement is a section, which can be called a linking part between your introduction and body paragraphs, so you need to be very careful, when working on it. The whole point of thesis is that it renders all the statements you have made before.

That is why it should be brief, logical and concrete, without watery phrases and general ideas on the topic. You need to remember that your thesis statement is the quintessence of your research paper and it should interlink with everything you are going to discuss.

Your thesis should have the following qualities:

  • Give the reader an overall idea of the topic;
  • Be clear and understandable, especially if the topic is complex and filled with unfamiliar phrases;
  • Explain why the topic is important and how it can influence the field.

The biggest difficulty in completing a thesis statement is that you need to put lots of meaning into a short sentence. Luckily, there is no need to write it at once: just complete your thesis after the whole research is done.

Create an outline

Sometimes you can be asked to add an outline of your research paper to the introductory section. It happens quite rarely but you need to be prepared to make sure your introduction follows all the guidelines.

Just write three or four sentences on the structure of your research, mentioning its key elements.

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