How to Write an Argumentative Essay Step by Step


Even if you hate arguing with other people, you need to be aware of how to generate an argumentative paper.

Especially, if you are not planning to get a low grade in English, are you? Looking at the blank page will not be a good fit. You should try to collect all your ideas and concentrate on the most important things related to your topic. Therefore, you will need to write a good argumentative paper outline to start writing and put ideas together. 

If you do not have enough data on how to present a well-structured essay, you may find it in this article as well as the examples.

Argumentative Essay Structure

The structure of an argumentative paper outline is like the structure of any other essay’s outline. The only difference between them is that you should include the entire data in the text of the body when the arguments are named in the outline. The English paper outline is worth writing since it shapes your plan throughout the whole process of writing.

Here is a list of the main parts of every successful argumentative essay outline:

  1. Intro paragraph
  2. Main body (2-3 arguments)
  3. Counter argument paragraph
  4. Conclusion

For sure, you will have to concentrate on backing up your thesis statement more than the opponent. The refusing opposing argument is included only to demonstrate the writer’s objectiveness with their judgments and respect for all other arguments.

Outline Section 1: Introduction

An argumentative paper is not an exception to the rules, so it starts with an Introduction.

  1. Hook
    Firstly, you should create an eye-catching and powerful hook to draw the reader’s attention. Therefore, you will have to define your target reader. Different approaches are required for different people. 
    Have a look at my example. I used to write an argumentative essay on the topic of why females should be equal in rights as males. So, my hook will be like this:
    “As long as the overwhelming majority of bosses are occupied by men, women are often neglected if it comes to promotion so their rights are ignored. Our government has to create certain laws defending women’s rights to prevent discrimination.” 
  2. Background data
    It is better not to add a lot of data to this section. Just drop a hint on the topic you are going to write and name it. Shortly explain who cares and why the topic is important.
    Have a look at my example:
    “The research showed that 80% of females are not satisfied with the way people are promoted within a company and demand equality of rights.”
  3. Elaborating of the thesis statement
    The main argument is placed in this part. You would better not place a question or any hesitations here. Just present your main point.

Outline Section 2: Working on Your Arguments

As you might know, each argument is backed up by the corresponding pieces of evidence that are found during the investigation. Make 5 body paragraphs, if you have more data to share.

  1. Claim
    This is a statement to back up your argumentative paper’s thesis. Here is an example of a claim:
    “Helping women protect their rights will improve the overall productivity of the staff so the income of the company will increase.”
    No one will believe your words without solid pieces of evidence.
  2. Utilize statistics and facts as pieces of evidence during your research
    No way you should include here data based on your own experience or your personal knowledge. Therefore, selecting credible sources is a must. Here is an example:
    “According to research made by the American Psychological Association, 60% of women in the USA face stress every day because of sex discrimination.”
    The reader will keep on thinking that your arguments are too subjective, so you should include an opposing argument in the next part of your argumentative essay.

Outline Section 3: Looking for an Opponent’s Claims

Be patient, because you need to know that various people have various points of view on the same topic. Check the arguments of people who do not support the idea of equality of rights of men and women. Visit forums that are discussing the problem of gender discrimination and try to create a paragraph with a counter-argument. 

For example, it may start like this:

“On the contrary, men tend not to notice any signs of discrimination, claiming the women’s rights to get promoted are not ignored.”

It might sound complicated, but a good argumentative essay should contain, at least, one counter-argument!

Outline Section 4: Conclusion

  1. Rewriting of the thesis statement
    Do not lose your focus when arguing with different opinions. Restate your thesis and remind it to the reader. Make sure your argument is the most winning one to your audience. For example, you may write down the way things might go if any changes are not made fast. 
  2. Jot down why this topic is so important
    You may utilize loud arguments to highlight the importance of your idea like:
    “Absence of gender discrimination is a must for every developed country because the progress depends on the comfort of both men and women in the company.” 

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