Research Paper Ideas and Tips


Everyone knows that only unique and full-of-sense paper will be successful. It can’t be written poorly if the topic is creative and relevant. And if a student admires the topic, he/she chooses, it will be even better. While choosing a topic for the research paper, you have to pay attention to your knowledge of the chosen field, previous researches, and the relevance of your future ones.

How to write a unique research paper?

As for the definition of the research paper, we can say that this is an analysis of a certain topic, your scientific approach, and strong arguments. When it is the first time when you write a research paper, probably your tutor wants you to gather some points of view, process them, and rewrite them in your personal way.

When you have the experience of writing such kinds of papers, you are required to write your arguments, which are supported by the scientific backgrounds and your knowledge.

What about the topic?

If you don’t know what to write or how to create a unique topic, first of all, you have to listen to your professor. They have more experience and, of course, they also write such papers. The tutor can help to determine the relevant topic, give you right directions, provide you with the needed and relevant sources, and help with formatting.

There are so many research paper ideasbut you have to choose that one which is the best for you. You have to be interested in it, and the information should be easy to find. Don’t choose so narrow topic, because the research paper has a certain length. The practical and theoretical parts have to be completely described.

Students are also advised to pay attention to the related subjects. Writing an introductory part, you can connect your research with the ole ones, and write about modern methods which are used by you. Moreover, the topic can be connected with the related disciplines, so it gives an opportunity to use more sources and to open the topic more detailed.

Topics for everyone

The writing and formatting of the paper are important factors. But the choice of topic is the most important one. Think about your future work, methods, and sources you will use and how interesting this topic will be for your readers. Remember that your readers are people who are well-oriented in the sphere.

Research paper ideas on history

  • Impact of Civil War on America
  • Writing: emergence and development
  • The English monarchy under the Henry VIII
  • History of Ancient Egypt and its sightseeing
  • Interesting facts about Ancient China
  • Reasons and results of the Greco-Persian War
  • British national heroine: legendary Princess Diana
  • Historical facts about England
  • Ancient Greece and its history
  • Lost civilizations

Research paper ideas on psychology

  • Phenomena of victim behavior
  • Methods of reconciliation of interpersonal conflicts
  • The principles of crowd behavior
  • How to deal with loneliness?
  • Old and up-to-date schools in psychology
  • Different types of temperament
  • Peculiarities and differences of handwriting

Perfect research paper ideas on science

  • Causes and concerns about the endangered species
  • What will NASA do in the future?
  • Cloning and humanity
  • Potential solutions and important issues for harmful waste disposal
  • Dangerous drugs and their influence on the central nervous system
  • How do people influence the world climate?
  • The high price of technological development
  • None is prepared to response for a nuclear weapon
  • Can people do something to stop global warming?

Sociological research paper ideas

  • The classical model of society and man: are there any alternatives?
  • How to provide humans with welfare?
  • Importance of the introduction of monitoring process into the organizational management
  • How do governments interact with the non-profit social organization?
  • Aggressive environment and organizational management
  • The mobility of professionals
  • About the communication with the public
  • Stereotypes which burden the life of young students

Research paper ideas on criminal justice

  • The absence of the censure while committing a political crime
  • Criminal justice and its connection with behavior
  • Terrible statistics in committing crimes
  • Economics and criminal justice: prison and rehabilitation
  • Ruling classes and their protection
  • Interaction between the state and the citizens
  • Rehabilitation, punishment, and offenders
  • Who defends the public?
  • Robert Merton’s strain theory

Economic research paper ideas

  • A business plan for the small enterprise
  • Which role does money play in the world?
  • World budget, its analysis and ways of increasing
  • How does business reputation impact on firm’s welfare?
  • Network economics, its future, and problems
  • How to save resources for the demanders?
  • Online trade, its advantages, and economic aspects
  • Advertising in business, its current situation and ways for further development

Research paper ideas on MBA

  • Where to find excellent creative ideas?
  • Description of the capital sources
  • What is planning in business?
  • Investment risk, its sense, and role
  • Methods of saving money within the family
  • Different kinds of investors

Research paper ideas on accounting

  • How to describe an inventory?
  • Ways of improving the accounting in the building companies
  • Ways of improving accounting in tourists’ sphere
  • How are the off-budget funds accounted?

How to write an excellent research paper?

As you can see, it is so difficult to make a choice of the topic. There are some examples mentioned, and you are oriented now. But the world is changing, and new topics often appear.

So, after choosing the best topic for your paper, your work is not over. You are just at the beginning. The next step is to make an effective and attractive introductory part. Here you have to write about the subject, object, purpose, tasks, methods, and main issues which concern your topic. Remember that you have to understand what you are writing about and what you need to say. In other cases, you can start from one topic and end the paper with the other topic. Making an introductory part, make sure once again that you understand the topic, and it is wide enough for research paper.

The thesis statement is also part of the research paper. The task of the research paper is to look for something and to explain this with the help of the scientific approach. If you don’t understand what you are looking for, you waste time. Formulate the topic to understand every word and start writing.

While researching, it is important to avoid the feeling that you are getting lost. Keep all sources, which you think will be used. You can lose lots of links thinking that they are so good for your paper. Don’t forget to include the figures of statistics, quotes of the famous people of the sphere, or shocking facts to attract attention.

Determine the volume of the paper, and don’t forget about the ‘golden rule.’ It means that you have to take 10% of the total amount of words for the introduction and conclusion. By the way, your professor has to provide you with the needed number of words.

Writing a statement, don’t forget about the goals. Writing a conclusion, don’t forget that it is after your completed paper. Also, the list of references is a must. You can write the sources in alphabetical order, or in groups. Of course, in your paper, there should be different points of view. You have to include the minds of scientists who support your mind, and points of view of the people who don’t agree with yours.

The last tip for choosing the research paper ideas is not to go over your head. Don’t write about the issue you neither like nor understand. It is the worst action to take the first topic from the mentioned above and start writing. Readers will see that it is just a collection of words, and the author doesn’t like it at all. A really successful and effective research paper is written when the author knows a lot in this field and tries to show more. He/she is interested in finding more aspects and more points of view. Make your topic not so wide and not so narrow, discuss everything with a tutor and use our tips for successful research.

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