10 Trending Topics for Ethical Dilemma Essays. Illustrative Eexamples and Explicit Tips.


What would you do if you happen to know that your friend is cheating on his/her boyfriend/girlfriend? Will you reveal the truth to the affected party, even though it is your good friend, who cheats? This is the example of a situation, which can be described in your ethical dilemma essay. And our goal in this article is to supply you with some more ideas for your essay so that you have something to start with.

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A Notion of Ethical Dilemma Essays: What Is Specific about Them?

In simple words, an ethical dilemma essay is an academic writing work, where students have to analyze a specific morality issue. Usually, such essays deal with problematic topics. And the task of students is to meditate about two sides of the same coin and explain in writing why they hold to this or that view.

If you are preparing for a discussion of morality issues with your classmates and you are looking for a fresh angle on typical problems, we are ready to help. Here you will find various ideas for your dispute to able to present persuasive arguments and good reasons. Together with that, you can use the topics we have picked for you to develop your ethical dilemma essay.

10 Topical Issues for Ethical Dilemma Essays: Reason vs Affections

Below we have selected the hottest topics to discuss in class or to write about in your essay. Examine our list of moral problems and ethical dilemmas to find the best suitable for you.

  1. The death penalty must be canceled in all countries, as no one can rule on human life;
  2. Pride parades must be allowed in all civilized countries as well as unisex marriage;
  3. Keeping animals in circuses and zoos is unmoral, as they should live in natural conditions; 
  4. People from the poorest countries must be given the opportunity to receive grants for education by the developed countries; 
  5. It must be prohibited for people to put down pets;
  6. Children should have the opportunity to press charges against their parents in case they feel as being treated too strictly; 
  7. Land must be the possession of people and not the country; 
  8. The government must invest heavily in the development of the military industry;
  9. Space tourism must be available to everyone;
  10. Surveillance cameras should be installed in every single street in order to decrease the number of crimes or avid them at all. 

Samples of Ethical Dilemma Essays

Do not know where to start? You can check the following short examples of essays that cover ethical dilemma issues to learn more about how to develop morality topics. Our illustrative material can serve you as a base for writing your own essay.

  • Is it right to make plastic surgery legally allowed to teenagers? 

“There are cases when underage girls and boys really require plastic surgery. For instance, after car accidents or animal attacks, or any other deep injuries people have to be able to restore their face or body to continue living a normal life. It is really unfair to know that you can get back your beauty or regular appearance, but not be allowed to do this until a certain age. Why do young people have to suffer and live with it just because they are not 18 or 21? 

At the same time, we face another problem that comes together with the permission of plastic surgery to juveniles: this right can be misused. Teenagers who are vulnerable and not mature enough to evaluate all the pros and cons of such operations can easily make fatal mistakes and suffer from the whole life.

For example, they can use the right to change their face by means of plastic surgery simply to look like their idols. However, when the time passes and the obsession come to an end, such young people will regret what they’ve done to their appearance”.

This extract may give you a push to develop this topic further or think of another one.

  • Should parents teach their children to hit back or deal with offenders by means of negotiation?

From childhood, we constantly hear that all disputes should be solved through peaceful means. The Bible says: “… turn the other cheek.” I agree that being able to avoid the fight or arguing is great, and people must master this skill.  

However, there are situations when kids come across real bullying at school or on the playground. And there are some other kids who do not simply understand normal words, or they just like fighting and offending those who are smaller or weaker. What if such kids do not need any negotiations or peace? What if they feel satisfied only when attacking somebody?

Such situations may require those who are offended to be able to stand up for themselves. And if they were taught to go in for peaceful means only and have no idea how to protect themselves, they can be in real danger.

This is one more example of your ethical dilemma essay, which you can use as a template or inspiration.

  • Do celebrities have the right to personal life without journalistic intervention?

“Did you happen to think why someone’s life must be an open a book, while others fight to protect their privacy? – Get another idea for your ethical dilemma essay.

“Actors, singers’ famous bloggers, and other celebrities have chosen their path themselves, so they should not complain about revealing articles and videos from spy cams” – you may think.

In any event, we must understand that celebrities or not, they are still human beings with an indefeasible right to private space and private family life. It is rude to follow them when they are with loved ones. It is mean to speculate on their misfortune. But what if without this people will lose every interest in celebrities? What if dirty reputation and gossip is their only chance to compete with each other for fans’ admiration?”

Extract from Ethical Dilemma Essay on a Medical Topic 

In the example below, the 1st person is used as a narration voice. It means this essay refers to the reflective type and covers a medical morality issue.

“When I was studying at school, I was interested in medical science and sport. After graduation, I entered a medical college to become a nurse specializing in the sports field. For me, these two areas are strongly connected, as a sport is an essential part of building a healthy body.

However, I thought I would be well-trained and receive all the necessary knowledge to be an expert. Instead, I had lots of questions unanswered. “We look for medicine to be an orderly field of knowledge and procedure. But it is not. It is an imperfect science…” (Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes on an Imperfect Science by Atul Gawande). What does that leave? – We have to use discovered facts and learn by doing: “Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future.” (Hippocrates).

In the example above, you can see some phrases in parentheses. We use them in essays or other academic papers for quotations from other literary works or oral speech. Remember to indicate the sources of such phrases in the reference list, which is usually at the end of your writing work.

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