How to Write an Opinion Essay


Writing an opinion essay is not that different from completing any other essay both at school and college. Of course, it has a few peculiarities, which you need to know if you want to get an A. In this article we will tell you all about an opinion essay, its structure and the most recent tips you need to know.

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Writing an Opinion Essay

As well as other types of essays, opinion essay consists of the following parts: introduction, main paragraphs, and conclusion. When working on this task, remember that you need to make your voice heard, so make sure to choose an interesting and deep topic that makes you passionate.

The writing process should include such stages as creating an outline, writing a few drafts and proofreading. If you are not sure how such essays should look like, you can get familiar with opinion essay examples. They will give you a chance to understand what and how to write about, and you will never have a fear of a white page.

However, the safest and simplest way is to read our article and to follow the tips of our outstanding experts.

What is an opinion essay?

Before we will concentrate on the stages of opinion writing let us start with its definition. An opinion essay is a type of writing, which allows students to write freely on any topic and to discuss personal beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.

Sometimes opinion essay can be referred to as a persuasive one because by the end of the paper readers must be convinced that the author’s opinion is worthy and relevant. Luckily, there is no mishmash and you get the point of the assignment from its title: you need to focus on a single opinion.

However, it is crucial to show that you are able to support this opinion with reliable facts, highlighting both the positive and negative sides of the concept.

How to start an opinion essay? Useful tips

Even if you read tens of opinion essay samples you may be left wondering whether you are doing everything right. To avoid any problems and mistakes, we have made you a list of the most useful tips. Save them or print out and use any time you need to write an opinion essay (or any other paper):

  • Brainstorm. To pick a great topic you should first consider tens of others. Get familiar with lists of different topics online or just sit in a cozy chair and think of the issues that always stir your interest. Write those ideas down and limit to a few options;
  • Plan. Write down everything you find useful for your essay. Eventually, you will come up with 3-4 arguments and subtopics that are the most relevant for the story;
  • First draft. Start writing your essay without paying attention to grammar and spelling. You will fix everything later;
  • Improve. Add transition words, eliminate mistakes and make your text readable and easy to understand.

Opinion paper topics

We asked our experts what the most important thing in writing an essay is. All of them said that it is impossible to create great papers without choosing outstanding opinion essay topics. They must excite you, light your inner fire and show that you really care.

Below we have collected a few topics that may boost your imagination:

  1. Are baseball players overpaid?
  2. Who has the strongest impact on a teenager’s life?
  3. Is marijuana really harmless?
  4. Why do so many people decide to move abroad and to look for a better life?
  5. Should junk food be taxed?
  6. What may be the consequences of Internet dependence?
  7. Should students be able to take cell phones to the class?
  8. How our behavior is influenced by video games and social media?
  9. What is the best age to get married?
  10. Should people be able to choose their own future without anyone’s interference?

Opinion essay format

The opinion essay outline is rather simple and usually consists of five main paragraphs:

  • Introduction;
  • Three main paragraphs;
  • Conclusion.

The introduction is always challenging because you not only need to familiarize readers with the topic but also to make them want to spend their time reading your essay. That is why you need to be yourself and to include a hook sentence to the paper. You are free to decide which arguments, ideas, and thoughts you will include to your introduction and to body paragraphs.

Make sure that your introduction is not hurting anyone and is backed with reliable facts and arguments. At the end of the introductory paragraph, you need to write a thesis statement. It should contain the goal you are chasing and must show readers what to expect from your essay. All the arguments in the rest of the essay should interlink with your thesis.

Body paragraphs should contain your reasons and ideas, starting with the claim itself and then backing them with facts and arguments. Make sure to remain convincing, alive and vibrant, so that your essay stays interesting and catchy.

Finally, when all the arguments are discussed, you only need to summarize everything and to write a conclusion. In this section, you need to restate your opinion and remind readers of all the claims you have already discussed in the essay.
Don’t forget to close your introduction with a catchy phrase, thought or a hook. However, it shouldn’t contain any new facts or details. It is better to finish your essay with a call to action or motivating readers to discover the topic further.

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