My Heroes Essay: How to Choose the Perfect Hero


If you are set to write my heroes essay that means you are supposed to portray someone specific who is famous for doing something great. It might be a description of courageous heroes who protected and saved other people from foemen at wars. Or maybe your hero will be a brainy man of science whose fundamental invention was crucial for humans. Maybe your hero is someone who lives next door to you but deserves to be admired and told about.     

In this case, you are required to depict someone and define his or her qualities so that your readers understand why this particular person deserves to be called a hero. Try to speak with deliberation when describing this special person. You have to write about a lot of things so completing this type of paper may take up a lot of your time and require you to do it at a good level.

We have tried to make a step-by-step instruction to give you a hand with writing an impressive and eye-catching hero essay. Do not miss any single page of the article if you want to understand what should be done to make up a Perficient story that will allure your readers from the first line. 

Essential Steps to Create an Unforgettable Hero Story

 Follow these primary and essential steps to produce an unforgettable story:

  1. Apply all the energy to choosing your hero. You are allowed to choose anyone to be your hero. That might be a real historic person who deserves to be called a hero or an imaginary person taken from a cartoon, books or even your head. Your main task here is in making mention of the person’s qualities to demonstrate to your readers how powerful and strong this very hero is.
  2. Sketch your future work. You might ask: What for? Maybe you do not see any reason to do it. But be sure that it is an essential step when performing a piece of writing. Just imagine what if you go to the place you have never been to, you will take a map with you, won’t you? It is the same way when you create a composition. Thanks to a sketch or an outline, you will understand which way to go during the process of writing. That what makes this step of primary importance.
  3. Compose a rough copy of your essay. There is nothing difficult in doing it: just do everything according to the sketch. Do not care about grammar and punctuation at this stage because that will be your next step. At this moment concentrate on the writing itself.
  4. When your hero essay is done, it’s time to perform the revision. Search for any errors and mistakes in spelling and try to fix them. After finishing your paper relax for some time and only then you can start doing a linguistic review. The check of the paper will be more effective in case you do it with rested eyes. You can choose one of the numerous programs that search for and correct mistakes online.

What Structure Should My Hero Essay Have?

We have already highlighted how important it is to make a clear sketch before writing a hero story. Now we would like to emphasize its structure: 

  • Introduction. First of all, acquaint the chosen hero with your readers: give a reason what makes this person so important for you.  why this person is very important to you. Give a short reference to your audience.
  • The main part. Your task here is in describing and depicting all the distinctive features and qualities your hero possesses. Try to give an in-depth description of his or her heroic acts, always provide examples don’t forget about examples to affirm the facts. For example, it is not enough simply to say that a person is very courageous. You also have to give a story that will back that quality up.
  • Conclusion. This section is used for rewarding the guiding idea of the whole story and the logical finish of your essay. But do not overdo it. It should not be too long and it does not require any new information to be put into it.

How to Write an Interesting Essay About a Hero

Do you feel as if you got bogged down with your essay and do not know where to start?  Have a peep at our exciting ideas and maybe you will find the right one for you to choose:

  • Choose a real hero from books or newspapers and make a story about him. You might write about a high-hearted man who defended people in the what, or maybe a firefighter who rescued a baby from the fire accident.
  • Choose a fictional hero to write about. Such great heroes as Batman or Superman are well-known to everyone. So, creating a striking and readable essay about them won’t be that difficult. Simply tell your readers about their acts of bravery and victories and bring home to your readers what makes you be delighted with them.
  • You also can choose any famous person as a hero in your essay. That might be an actor, a politician, a scientist or someone else. That won’t be a problem to create catching and spectacular story if you write about a screen star. Maybe there is an academic feature of distinction you have always admired and wanted to write about. Maybe some of these people influenced the choice of your future job? Why not depict them in your hero story?
  • Do not forget that it is sometimes possible to call an ordinary person a hero. Maybe you will write about your friend saving a little kitten from a pack of fierce dogs?  Your neighbor deserves to be called a hero because he fights for the environment by recycling the waste in your local area? Do not be shy to write about these kinds of people, as they are heroes as well.

Advice on How to Write an Eye-Catching Hero Essay

 If you want to get the highest grade to apply one of these effective pieces of advice when writing a hero essay:

  • Surprise your audience by writing about someone they even do not look for.
    The word “hero” usually triggers associations with a brave knight or a warrior. Try to catch their interest in a simple and ordinary person who did something kind-hearted and brave. Maybe it was a young boy who helped a blind woman to cross the street?
  • Usually, people expect to find portraying such qualities as gallantry, glory, heroism. It is not a must for your character to be only that way. It might be really interesting to read about someone who has a big heart, is very courteous and life-affirming no matter what. Blow your readers’ socks off with something they even do not bargain for! This is a key to success! 
  • Break the ground and go beyond limits. You can write about anything you have in mind. Do not forget to provide a thrilling illustration of your argument. That might be the description of the actions of the person who deserves to be called a hero. Pretty face and kind eyes cannot be trustworthy proof. But if you say that a homeless person saved a puppy from the busy traffic then it will prove that he has a kind heart.
    No matter what kind of person you have chosen to be your hero your task is to write about well-known to your facts. You are not up to write an unreal story or a fairy tale.
  • Catch your readers’ interest with a powerful beginning. A boring story won’t make people read it. You have to motivate them from the first lines. To make the beginning of your story eye-catching you may start with a citation, a question, or even a joke!

What Makes Hero Essay Examples Important to Read?

 It is out of the question that you should read other examples of hero stories if you want to create your own. When reading you refine your skills and understand better what to write about in your own story. Our advice is to look for essay samples no matter what type of paper you need to perform. 

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