How to Choose a Good Topic for Your Law Dissertation


Every university student will have to face a challenge to write a dissertation, one of the most important assignments in your student life. You should take it seriously because it requires a big amount of work and makes a significant impact on whether you get your degree or not. But you shouldn’t be scared about writing it because it’s not only a big responsibility but a great opportunity to improve your skills and show your writing abilities and all the knowledge you have gained during your education. Also, it’s a great chance to research the topic you find interesting and present your thoughts and ideas to other people. 

The dissertation is a pretty long type of assignment, so it takes time to complete it. You can spend months on it, but it is worth hard-working. Remember, you are doing this in order to get your diploma, so every minute of your hard work on the dissertation definitely makes sense.  

Therefore, it’s quite important to choose the right topic for your dissertation. It should be interesting and exciting for you to research, and the main question of your dissertation should be actual and important enough to discuss. 

Law is a serious field to study; you should have enough knowledge and practical skills to write a decent dissertation on the law related topic. Nevertheless, this field is really popular among modern students so by choosing an interesting topic; you can bring up some current problems and make people pay attention to them. Also, if you write a significant dissertation, it may make a great effort for your future career, so do not neglect this important assignment. 

Picking a topic for law dissertation

It is really important to choose the right topic for your writing in order for you to stay interested and involved while completing your work. If you pick a problem that personally disturbs you, there will be way more motivation for you to research it and try to find a solution to your problem. Keep in mind that you will dedicate a lot of your time to this investigation; therefore, don’t limit yourself with something common and simple – it can get boring and not exciting when you start your research. Choose a topic that inspires you and gives users an actual desire to work.

While thinking about the topic for your dissertation, remember what inspired you through the years of your education, consider what specific spheres of the law, you have always found the closest to you. You can check out other dissertation themes and get some inspiration from them. Actually, the sphere of law is pretty wide, and it includes many different kinds, so you will not have a lack of choice. First of all, you can pick a specific kind of law (criminal, international, commercial, etc.) whatever you find more interesting for you, and then come up with a certain topic. Here are some good ideas for your dissertation you can choose from!

Dissertation topic ideas

Every kind of law deserves attention and has a lot of interesting questions to discuss, so feel free to choose any topic you feel excited about!

Criminal law dissertation ideas

This kind of law is the most serious one, so there are a lot of disturbing topics to discuss. Choose the one you feel competent in and be ready to deal with tough moments. 

  • Impact of the death penalty on the law system and crime level in different countries
  • Intentional and unintentional murder. The difference in investigation and punishment 
  • Usage of the lie detector while interrogation 
  • Reasons for different levels of rape in certain counties
  • Serious crimes committed by children. Reasons and ways to prevent them
  • Cases with the wrong application of legislation about manslaughter
  • Underrated factors about crimes that should be considered more serious 

International law dissertation ideas

Diplomatic relations between countries are supported by international legislation; therefore, it is quite an important sphere of law. Currently, the discussion about military conflicts is relevant and requires new solutions; it is a big issue of humanity nowadays. Before you start writing your international law dissertation, take your time to learn more about the history of counties you write about, it is a really important instrument for conducting the analysis.

  • Ways to solve military conflicts by applying international legislation
  • Reasons for dissimilarities in human rights in different countries 
  • Red flags for the intervention of one country into a conflict between other regions 
  • How to improve the legislation about refugees in European countries
  • The most successful cases of cooperation between countries to solve an international problem
  • Conflict of Laws in the European Union 
  • International regulation that should be abolished

Commercial law dissertation ideas

This sphere of law can be considered a difficult one, but it makes it more interesting to investigate. There are some important issues known by everyone, such as corruption, corporate veil, credits. It is important to study because every grown person has something to do with commercial law. 

  • Ways to prevent corruption by improving legislation
  • Corporate veil – ways to lift it and consequences
  • Commercial laws that should be applied against debtors
  • Circumstances to apply soft or hard regulations by corporate governance
  • Important questions of commercial partnership 
  • Is the Partnership Act outdated? Ways to improve it 

Family law dissertation ideas

Do not get fooled by the pleasant title of this kind of law; you will probably have to deal with child abuse issues, divorce legislation, domestic violence regulation, and so on. Nevertheless, the family is the most important thing we have, so it’s essential to discuss such questions and improve the sphere of family law. Remember that there are also some good topics like adoption or marriages! 

  • How to recognize signs of child abuse in the family
  • Ways to go through the divorce process with the least loss 
  • The role of gender in divorce proceedings
  • How to ensure the safety of the victim of domestic violence during the trial
  • The consequences of domestic violence for man and woman 
  • The minimum age for marriage in different countries
  • Terms for adoption – do they need to be reconsidered or improved

Medical law dissertation ideas

The sphere of medical law has a lot of ethical questions interesting to investigate. There are many radical thoughts about abortions, euthanasia, stem cell research. Since everyone cares about their health people, expect the government to care about the level of medicine in the country. You can find a topic that would be close to everyone and make people pay attention to the important issues of medical law. 

  • Legislation about abortions, questionable moments
  • Discrimination in hospitals. Reasons and ways to fight it
  • Responsibilities for medical mistakes  
  • Legalization of euthanasia – advantages, and disadvantages 
  • Organ retention as a controversial topic regarding medical law
  • Stem cell research
  • Regulation of clinical negligence by the legislation
  • Rules about organ transplantation and their relevance 
  • Forced pregnancies and legitimate ways to avoid them

Employment law dissertation ideas

It is essential to know your rights when it comes to your job because you dedicate lots of your time and sources to it, and it should pay off properly, right? That is why it is important to discuss employment law issues to avoid any workplace discrimination or injustice. 

  • Legislation about workplace sexual harassment, and why do some companies neglect it?
  • Impact of worker’s gender on employment regulations
  • Questionable moments about the employment contract
  • Comparison of salaries of male and female workers in the same positions
  • The problem of discrimination during employment, social groups of people suffering from it the most
  • A controversial moment about “fire at will.” 
  • What benefits for the workplace may employees require by law?

As you can see, the sphere of law is pretty wide, so there are numerous topics to choose from. Every issue you pick requires proper research and dedicated work, so feel free to choose a topic you actually care about. With a relevant theme and diligent work, you will definitely write a successful dissertation and get your law degree. Good luck with your work! 

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