Important Recommendations on How to Write Better


If you open Google and try to find the answer to the question about how to write better, the search engine will offer many different sources, the reading of which will be useful to everyone who is a representative of the field of writing a variety of works. Nevertheless, in these resources, certain aspects may be missing, which confuses the reader.

For this reason, you should read this article, in which we synthesized materials from various authors and emphasized the most important points that will help you significantly improve your skills.

Some of the Key Aspects

In fact, this is a rather difficult task to confine to one small article to describe the main principles that concern how to write better. There are a huge number of different strategies for unique ways developed by various authors.

Another important aspect is the distinction between these works and legendary stories. It is unlikely that their authors looked for information on paper writing guides on the Internet.

One such resource contained a recommendation that was to avoid writing aspects that might draw attention to themselves. Perhaps there are a large number of arguments, and from certain points of view, this is really good advice. Nevertheless, a completely different opinion is formed during the familiarizing with the works of such famous personalities as Virginia Woolf, Shakespeare or James Joyce. In addition to the legacy of the listed writers, many of the world’s best-selling books have attracted the attention of the audience, which does not apply to the underlined recommendations.

In fact, the main part of the tips, the central element of which is information about how to write better are based on the personal preferences of the author. For this reason, if your own style is fundamentally different from the given advice, this does not mean that you are a poor writer.

However, the description of the basic secrets of creating good paper is still our task.

One Simple Rule

It’s amazing, but long lists of the various recommendations and voluminous books with the life history and experience of the author can be replaced by one short but at the same time a key phrase that remains relevant not only during the writing but also in any everyday situation.

Keep your uniqueness and be interesting.

Remember that you are a special person who has many unique and wonderful qualities. For this reason, you should not be obsessed with following all the important grammar rules and trying to follow other successful authors.

Remember that if your work is really interesting and can reflect key thoughts, the audience will forgive you for your mistakes.

How to Implement It

First of all, it’s necessary to deal with the meaning of the aspects that can be called ‘interesting.’ We chose our strategy and started by identifying opposing aspects which might be too common and boring.

When You Feel Uncomfortable During the Reading

This is a very common case when authors think that introducing a huge number of complex terms can make the work serious and attract readers. Of course, on the one hand, it is interesting and intellectually. Nevertheless, you should think about it again and put yourself in the head of the reader. Is it great for everyone to look for a definition of a word in a dictionary or on the Internet? Write simply, but keep a harmonious and poetic narrative. It is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Just try.

Description of the Too Familiar Phenomena

It is enough to answer one simple question to deal with this item. What is more preferable for you to describe a new innovative device or the one that you have been using for the last few years? Most of the audience will choose the first option.

For this reason, resorting to using aspects that are too familiar to you may not be the best way to create really good work. Too frequent detection of such sentences as ‘drow in the eyes’ or ‘losing the head from this’ can lose its meaning and go into the cliché category.

When the Work Seems Silly to You

As we emphasized earlier, work can become a world bestseller even if there are incorrectly used words and the presence of many other errors. Vivid examples that confirm this fact are Stephanie Myers or E.L. James.

Nevertheless, you should not go too far with this rule. A huge number of diverse flaws is a very serious problem and can ruin the overall impression of the material read. Learning basic grammar rules or contacting a good editor can help you avoid this difficulty.

How to make Your Work Interesting

Above, we described the main points that should be circumvented during working with writing various papers. And yet, are there ways to make your work interesting and exciting for readers? Among the many creative aspects may include the following:

  • virtuosity;
  • humor;
  • surprise;
  • sacrifice;
  • awe;
  • rhyme;
  • secret;
  • conflict;
  • sex;
  • rhythm;
  • romance.

Of course, this list can be replenished with a huge number of different components. Nevertheless, regardless of the read sources and the nature of the recommendations of their authors, you should remember the main rule to be interesting and give free rein to all your creative fantasies.

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Analyze Everything You Wrote

Remember that any boring everyday activity can be a source of inspiration and contributes to the birth of an excellent idea for your new work, which may become a world bestseller in the future. Even activities such as writing a task for a school or university, a letter, or message during a dialogue on social networks can help you with developing the skills. Think over the aspects of these works that are interesting to you and take notes.

Another important element of an excellent writing strategy is regular communication with other diverse people, which can also lead you to create new wonderful works. Look for inspiration in everything.

In addition to the above, you can also regularly monitor new works of other successful authors to familiarize themselves with their opinion on this phenomenon. Nevertheless, we emphasize the small main rule, which is the key to the success of any undertaking. Be interesting, and you will not notice how the written thoughts will acquire an amazing color.

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