What Does It Mean To Be An American Essay Guidelines


Writing a ‘What Does it Mean to Be an American’ essay is a great way to test your abilities before challenging yourself with more difficult, complex tasks. By giving you that assignment, the professor mostly aims to develop your writing skills, and that’s what you should keep in mind while composing a paper on the given topic. In other words, don’t hesitate to show it in your essay if you feel proud to be an American citizen, but don’t focus on the emotional, personal aspect too much. In order to get a good grade, you should stay calm and rational in your judgments.

A good ‘What Does it Mean to Be an American’ essay consists of three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. While the body paragraphs are arguably the most important part of a paper, they don’t work well when the reader doesn’t even understand the purpose of the research provided. If you’re going to get an A, be sure to avoid the common mistake of having a weak, unclear introduction/solution. A decent introduction defines the main topic and helps the reader understand the idea of what your essay will cover. A good conclusion reiterates the ideas provided in the body paragraphs and includes your final interpretation of the results.

A student who prefers to leave things until the last day has trouble writing a great ‘What Does it Mean to Be an American’ essay, mostly because the editing and proofread stages are the most effective when done after a break – a day or two, maybe more. The research stage for that kind of paper shouldn’t take too long, but we strongly recommend getting to work at least a week before the deadline. That way, you’ll have enough time to double-check everything and maybe even ask a more experienced person to take a look at your paper.

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Going to write a ‘What Does it Mean to Be an American’ essay on your own? Allow us to help, anyway. Below we placed some arguments you could use in your paper. We also wrote a highly simplistic sample of a paper on a topic given, so don’t leave just yet.

What Does it Mean to Be an American essay: The Arguments You May Find Helpful

  • being an American means being able to speak freely and without fear, to be aware of one’s right to freedom of opinion and expression;
  • being an American means fully understanding the fact of having a chance to be successful, to live and prosper;
  • being an American means being a part of an extremely rich and diverse culture;
  • being Americans means being equal before the law and having equal rights in deciding the country’s leadership;
  • being an American means following and appreciating the American way of life.

The last point is open to interpretation – you could use it if, for some reason, you have trouble reaching the required word count. The ‘American way of life’ thing is mostly about stereotypes, but stereotypes don’t appear without reason. Playing baseball, watching American football, listening to country, owning more than one car, having a gun, all that kind of thing. Your professor won’t be happy if you’re too lazy on this one, so make sure to write about stereotypes only if you have interesting facts to back them up with.

What Does it Mean to Be an American essay draft example

While being an American and being an American citizen have a lot in common, they are not interchangeable by any means; the latter is much more than the former. According to Philip Gleason, for example, being an American is not about language or nationality but about the philosophy of liberty and prosperity. To put it more specifically, to be an American means to appreciate the right of freedom of speech, as well as to embrace prosperity.

An American speaks freely and without fear. It’s his or her right, a right that has been guaranteed by legislation for many generations and, therefore, becomes an essential part of American society. An ability to speak freely helps an American find a common language with other people of his or her community, making him or her willingness to listen to others. Moreover, it helps to find solutions that will benefit not just one person, but everyone. As Author 1 notes (2012), the right to follow different religions is a great source of pride for both native and non-native citizens and does not threaten Americans’ unity.

Being an American also means embracing prosperity and seizing the opportunity. The American dream, a well-known concept defined by Author 2 (1931), is an important part of this culture. Partially because of economic and social problems confronting the country’s population, the idea of having a big house, a well-paying job, and a life full of possibilities are not as strong in modern America as it was before, but the dream is still an important part of what makes an American, American.

Concluding the above, to be an American in the 21st century means to speak freely and embrace prosperity. While some of the older ideas, such as the American Dream, may not be as strong in American society as they used to be, they are and will be an important part of this culture. Since one cannot fully appreciate liberty and prosperity without being ready to stand up for their protection, the conclusion also implies that an American will not allow anyone to interfere with his or her rights.

Getting Help Writing What Does it Mean to Be an American essay

As you’ve probably noticed, the essay provided above is by no means a paper fully prepared for submission. It is rather a draft, a simplistic example of how your work could look at the early stages of the writing process. Pay attention to the fact that the word count here is probably lower than the one for your paper (the average ‘what does it mean to be an American’ college essay is 500-600 words), the researchers’ names were purposely replaced with ‘Author 1’ and ‘Author 2’, and the reference page is missing. Don’t just copy and paste the sample mindlessly as it won’t work; use the draft above as a starting point to write your own essay – a great and well-researched one, no less.

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