A brief drug abuse essay guideline


One of the most popular assignments any student has to face is an essay. It doesn’t matter what subject you are studying, as it aims to show not only your knowledge of the topic but also personal attitude, an ability to analyze information and perform writing skills.

When you are assigned with a task, you will most likely need to discuss a controversial topic. It always stirs up interest of the audience and causes discussions, where you need to prove your point of view and provide credible support of your arguments.

One of such tasks is an essay on drug abuse. Along with essays on abortion and gun control, it occupies leading positions among assignments at both high school and college. That is why you need to take the task seriously and make sure you provide a fresh look on the topic.

First, you need to decide what type of essay you are going to complete. If it is a drug abuse argumentative essay, you need to provide evidence to support your ideas, while an expository essay will simply require your opinion on the subject.

If you don’t know what type of essay to choose, reach your tutor for recommendations and don’t be shy to ask questions.

Main arguments

Usually you are asked to pick a side you are on, as it is may be difficult for a reader to understand your ideas if you decide to remain somewhere in the middle.

Those, who are against drugs, motivate it with the fact of lots of health and mental problems people of all ages have to experience. Moreover, drugs cause the increase in the number of thefts and murders. However, drugs can become a remedy for those, who suffer from serious illnesses, like cancer. They help to cope with the pain and in some countries different types of drugs are legalized. Make sure you understand the subject before choosing a side, as you will definitely be asked awkward questions, which will influence your grades.

Structure of your essay

It doesn’t matter what type of an essay you have chosen or what side you decided to be on: your assignment should always follow recommendations on a proper structure. Once you have mastered all the guidelines, you will find it very simple to complete any type of an essay not depending on the topic.

Your essay should be not more than one or two pages long and consist of three to five paragraphs, depending on the quantity of arguments you want to discuss. Of course, you may feel the temptation of including as much information as possible but you may easily bore the reader. Try to be brief and select only key elements.

You essay should consist of such elements, as:

  • Introduction;
  • Body paragraphs;
  • Conclusion

The introductory section is all about catching attention of the reader. In a few sentences try to explain the whole idea of your essay, providing key features, your outlook on the matter and of course a drug abuse thesis statement. Your thesis is a sentence or two, which renders general points of your whole essay.

Remember that most of the readers decide whether they want to go on simply by the first couple of lines of your introduction. Try to make it bright, adding quotes and jokes if appropriate. Don’t neglect such lexical tools, as academic vocabulary, linking phrases, repetitions and synonyms.

If you still doubt how your introduction section should look like, you can download samples online and get fresh ideas.

The number and content of your body paragraphs greatly depends on the arguments you want to include to your essay. However, you should always back your ideas with evidence from academic sources. Try to get access to scholarly websites and online libraries.

In the end, you need to make conclusions on the topic. This can be a summary of your work, paraphrasing the key elements and features of drug abuse. Try to make strong conclusions, as it is the last part your audience is going to read.

Topics you can use

It is crucial to choose an interesting topic before starting your essay. It should not only reflect the topic but also reveal your thoughts and support your ideas. Spend your time on making a few drafts and choose a topic you find the most appealing.

Here are a few drug abuse essay topic examples, which may boost your productivity:

  • Drugs – a face of death;
  • Is it possible to use drugs in a positive way?
  • How drugs influence our health in a long run;
  • Are there any benefits in drug consumption?

Remember, essays on drugs are quite difficult to complete, as they require a thoughtful approach and analysis of your own thoughts. Make sure you devote enough time to the task, following our tips and you will definitely get a great result!

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