How to Write an Outstanding Concert Report


In the process of studying, you will definitely have such a task to write a concert report. At first glance, it may seem like an easy thing to do. However, it turns out that it is not that simple to get an A for such a task. A good concert report must be well-structured and logical. Your arguments and claims about the musical performances you’ve attended should be supported with evidence to make it as convincing and compelling as possible. Your judgments about a concert as a whole and about its constituting parts, such as performers playing the guitar, piano, violin or trumpet, should be based on some objective factors and proofs combined with your personal opinion and emotions. Let’s see what basic rules can be of use when writing a good concert report.

A Concert Report as a Type of Writing

A concert report reflects your understanding and engagement in some kind of musical performance expressed in several pages of written text. Even though it is not a research paper, you still need to make efforts to make sure your analysis of a concert is thorough and profound. Apart from reflecting on the performance of a musician, you should also apply your evaluation skills and background knowledge. When analyzing performance, pay close attention to the following factors:

  • The program of the music event;
  • The description of settings (colors, lighting, decorations, etc.)
  • The general mood and spirit of the concert;
  • Music composition;
  • The musical instruments used in the performance;
  • Rhythm and melody;
  • Quality of sounding;
  • Content of songs and their message.

Make sure you describe the composition of a concert whether it is individual, duet or orchestra concert. A good concert report should focus on every significant detail which builds the overall atmosphere and impression about a music event. The description of these elements will boost the quality and informativeness of your piece of writing.

What is Important?

Start with planning your paper. First of all, briefly write down all the necessary information, such as:

  • General information;
  • The peculiarities of the intended audience;
  • The features of the style of writing.

If you are not a musician yourself, a concert report may seem like a daunting task. Thus, you should conduct research to be aware of basic theoretical notions. In addition, make sure you know your target audience and have a good command of the required style of writing.

Who is your Reader?

You should determine what your target audience is interested in. Teachers are interested in concert nuances and analysis of the music effect on the audience, while concert programmers want to read about the settings, musicality, atmosphere, and composition of a concert. In contrast, average readers who are not involved in the sphere choose to read about your general impressions and opinion. Adjust the content of your report to the needs and interests of your audience to make sure your writing meets the goals set.

Why the Style of Writing is Important?

The writing style offers us a range of formal organization of the text, which serves to a specific aim of a piece of writing. You need to stick to a chosen style (usually semi-formal or formal) in order to make it appropriate. It is preferable to use pronouns in 3rd person and choose neutral and formal vocabulary as you write your text for academic purposes. However, your paper should still be unique and free from stereotypes and clichés.

How to Plan your Work

To prepare a good concert report, you should be attentive. At a music concert, concentrate on every detail. Make sure you apply your analytical and evaluation skills. This is important both when you are preparing and gathering materials to write an essay and during the process of writing itself. We’ve prepared a list of stages you should follow in order to make your paper informative and well-structured:

  1. Get familiar with instructions;
  2. Attend a concert;
  3. Pay attention to detail and write down everything worthy;
  4. Make a list of songs;
  5. Notice separate musicians;
  6. Watch the reaction of the audience at the concert;
  7. Structure your paper into three logical parts.


Make sure you know what you are expected to write. Instructions are of crucial importance, so be extremely attentive when reading it. As for a music event itself, arrange everything in advance to be able to see and analyze the whole concert carefully.

Note Down 

In order not to miss anything, write down important things about the atmosphere, stage decorations, lighting, etc. It will help you during the writing phase. It is advisable to have a list of compositions performed at the concert. It will help you stay organized when writing your paper.

Watch Musicians and Spectators 

Evaluate the performance of each musician taking into account their professional skills and body language. Pay attention whether they interact in the process and how energetic and confident they are. Make your judgments but make sure you underpin them with some objective factors to make your statements persuasive. Your writing should be expressive and interesting. To understand the whole picture, notice how the audience responds to the performance and what effect the songs have on the listeners. Your readers would read with interest in the general mood and spirit of the event.

Make it Structured

Any piece of writing should be logical and well-structured. Make sure your concert review has the following components:

  1. Introduction;
  2. Summary of the event;
  3. Analysis;
  4. Conclusion.


Include general information about the concert you’ve visited in the introduction part. Be specific, mention dates, names, and locations. It will help to inform your potential reader about the event itself and provide him/her with some background information.


Summarizing the event, use your notes about the concert. Reflect on the performances of musicians and the composition. When writing the main body, make sure it follows your professor’s instructions.


Be critical and attentive analyzing and evaluating a concert. Apply your analytical skills and background knowledge. Describe your experience in detail. Be fair judging about the good sides and drawbacks of the concert. Apart from the performance itself, write a few words about its organization.


Finally, write a conclusion with a balanced consideration of all the mentioned points in the paper. Do not repeat yourself words for word. It is an opportunity to make concluding remarks about your impressions from the performance.

Final Point

We know that you are perfectly capable of writing an excellent concert report with your knowledge and our piece of advice provided above. However, if you need any help with an urgent task, let us know and we can do it for you with all the diligence and attention.

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