Writing a concert report: guidelines for beginners and profs


When we talk about a concert report, we mean the piece of a review text that is aimed at evaluating the music event you have attended and sharing your personal view on it. You should cover all the aspects of the concert, starting with the venue and the audience, then the show itself including music performance quality, musicians’ behavior, viewers’ reactions as well as your own impression. Sharing emotions is a significant part as your readers probably want to understand what effect the show might have had on them. It may seem like freewriting, but as well as an academic essay, it should follow a set of rules and recommendations to make your readers believing you and eventually sharing your verdict.

Concert report: definition

When you share your impression after a music event, you already create a concert report. This is a piece of writing that includes a description of the experience you have received during the concert. It is not an easy task to write about the music event, as it might seem from the first sight. You should not only reflect on it but cover all the elements of a performance:

  • program;
  • venue;
  • general atmosphere;
  • set of musical compositions;
  • instrument performance;
  • quality of the sound;
  • performers’ behavior;
  • audience reaction.

Define what type of concert it was and use language and terms that will be understandable to your target readers.

Basics you should know

Before writing a report, you should check the following elements:

  • what is your background knowledge;
  • who is your reader;
  • what writing style to choose.

If you are new in the music industry, it might be hard for you to describe all the important aspects properly. So firstly make sure you know all the terms and adjectives to provide a meaningful description of the event.

Your target readers

Your piece of writing should be aimed at people who are into the music and the particular style. So, do some research considering their interests. Most readers what to get the overall impression on the show, while people who are more invested in similar events want to get details on the stage arrangement, technical details, and other organizational aspects. Musicians would like to know about the quality of the performance, about music instruments and their usage. So if your report is for a broad audience, make sure that you have covered all these aspects but without getting into too many details. But the most important aspect you should describe is the energy, quality of the performance and the audience response.

Your writing style

The way you share your opinion will affect the way your reader understands the content. So try to maintain a balance between emotional descriptions of the events and the informative parts with an objective evaluation of the show. Try not to use personal pronouns and generic terms or clichés.

Main stages of writing a great concert report

To be able to write a quality concert review you should be aware of what is happening in the local music life. This is how you will be able to present the info in a relevant manner referring to the current events in the community. But analytical skills will be required as well. As well as with any academic writing, in this case, you have to pass the preparation and writing stages before publishing your report. Here’s what we imply in the preparation stage:

  1. Learn instructions.
  2. Attend the event.
  3. Take notes.
  4. Write down a setlist.
  5. Check the musicians’ performance.
  6. Check the reaction of the audience.
  7. Write down what you saw.

Learn instructions and attend the event

Check out recommendations on how to write concert reports and keep them in mind while collecting info. Make sure you will have access to the event and choose a seat or place that will suitable for estimating the overall situation with a good view of the stage and the audience.

Take notes during the event and write down a setlist

Taking notes right during the event is significant as you will be able to memorize every detail that might come in your eye. Check the work of the lighting arrangement and the technical appliances. Also, your readers will be interested in the list of musical compositions so writing down a setlist will be useful as well.

Check the behavior of musicians and audience

One of the most significant parts of your report is when you describe the behavior of the musicians and the reaction of the audience. People, who attended the event would be happy to recall those emotions, while those who missed the concert should feel the atmosphere that was there.

Structure of your report

When the show is over and it’s time to arrange your materials. So you should divide the info that you will use in the following parts of the review:

  1. Intro;
  2. Description;
  3. Evaluation;
  4. Conclusion.

Report introduction

In this part, you should include the main details about the info. Mention the name of the event, its date, venue, performers and other significant participants. You can also describe the venue if it is relevant to the further description of the event.

Description and evaluation

This is the main part of your review where you should include the main narration describing the events. This is when your notes will be useful. Create a separate paragraph for each part of the performance. The number of sections of the main body will depend on the type of concert you have visited.

As soon as you described all the parts of the events, you should estimate all you have seen. You can support your estimations with the relevant facts about the band and so on. Provide an evaluation of every aspect of the concert event.


Finalize your review with a summary of your impression. Write whether you are satisfied with the event. Also, this is your opportunity to set the relevant mood for your readers and influence their opinion as well.

Concluding Thoughts

We are pretty sure that after reading this article you will improve your reporting skills and make your concert reviews even better and interesting to the readers. Mentioned recommendations and insights will be useful for both beginners and experienced writers, as there is always a chance that you miss something in your practice.

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