Evaluation Essay: Guidelines, Recommendations And Topic Ideas

Evaluation Essay

Writing an evaluation essay is aimed at creating a text with criteria and arguments for estimating the particular object or a phenomenon. This is the best way to describe and analyze the objective of your essay, providing a set of features you want to check and giving the proofs of your considerations.

Evaluation Essay: Writing Steps

  • Start with defining the topic you like for your essay. You have to be well-aware of the objective as you will need to estimate it with decent criteria and strong arguments.
  • Make your thesis statement. This is where you inform your reader about the purpose of your work and the directions of your evaluation process. Here you should provide a clear explanation of what criteria you are about to use and give some examples for better understanding.
  • Define the criteria for an evaluation in your essay. You cannot evaluate the objective of your work without having a specific direction. So, you need to choose what aspects you need to disclose. You can set a few criteria that will reveal the most interesting aspect of the object or phenomenon.
  • Find proofs for your estimation results. If you want to make your statements trustworthy, you need to provide evidence for the received results.
  • Use the classical structure: intro, the body paragraphs, conclusion. This is the most common and understandable way to express your main idea. In the intro, you present what you are about to evaluate and how. In body sections, you disclose the supporting evidence to maintain your estimation. In conclusion, you give a summary of your work synthesizing your proofs and evaluations.
  • Create the first draft. This is the first version of your essay to see the whole picture and improve your writing.
  • Proofread your essay. Do not just read it after finishing, but check it carefully for any grammar or logical issues. Proofread the text a few times.

Topic Ideas for Your Evaluation Essay

Evaluation essays can disclose any topic you can think about. So there are numerous options for students. In some cases, you will get ideas from your teacher, while in other cases, you need to define your objectives. However, if you do not have a clue about what you want to write about, we can offer you some topic examples:

  1. Write about the recent season of your favorite kind of sport and evaluate the performance of the team, focusing on your expectations.
  2. Evaluate the impressions from the game when you watch it live or on TV.
  3. Evaluate the way modern romantic movies picture the relationships.
  4. Evaluate the influence of movies and music on the defining roles of men and women.
  5. Estimate the quality of food in your favorite restaurant and compare it to the restaurant from the same group.
  6. Estimate the level of customer service in your beauty salon and what improvements they should make.
  7. Estimate the convenience of your new smartphone and compare it to the previous one. What is turn to better, and what you prefer to bring back from the old device?
  8. Estimate two photo editing or fitness apps on your phone. What features you like the most, and what both examples can do to improve their users’ experience.
  9. Estimate the level of education in private and public schools. Compare their approach to education and socialization of kids.
  10. Compare and evaluate the methods of SAT and ACT testing.
  11. Describe the benefits and downsides of your vacation place.
  12. Evaluate the quality of service of the educational website’s children use for remote education.
  13. Estimate the cultural heritage of the famous artist.
  14. Evaluate the importance of museums.
  15. Estimate the significance of a particular piece of art.

Important Points to Remember

  • Choose the reasonable tone of your text regardless of your attitude to the objective of your essay.
  • To prove your point, you can use personal experience, influencers’ quotes, descriptions, and comparing them with similar things.
  • In your evaluation essay, you can present your personal views, and it can be unpopular, but your task is to prove your point with evidence, even if somebody can disagree with you.
  • If your thesis is very unpopular, you need to prepare stronger and more arguments.
  • Use the opposite view as an argument too. This will demonstrate that you know the topic and situation, but still claim your point is right.

What You Should and Shouldn’t Do


  • Take your target audience into consideration. Choose the topic and objectives that will be interesting to your reader.
  • Find 4-5 estimation criteria for the objective. With less amount, an essay will not be complete.
  • Present enough supporting arguments for each criterion.
  • Use examples of essays on similar topics to find the right tone.
  • Proofread to eliminate grammar and logical mistakes.


  • Omit to mention the thesis of your work or estimate things without a particular purpose.
  • Use broad and shallow conclusions. State obvious or general things.
  • Use an informal tone.
  • Work with topics that are too common or irrelevant for a long time.
  • Present only negative or only positive evaluations. Your work will look too biased or one-sided. This will be a signal of your poor research or ignoring the common opposite views.

Evaluation Essay Frequent Mistakes

  • Considering that an evaluation essay is the same as a review. Writing a review, you are expected to present a summary of a piece of literature or cinematography. While in the evaluation essay, you should share your statements considering the particular aspects of the objective.
  • Choosing a topic that is too broad. If your topic covers too many aspects and objectives, you will have to deal with a lot of various criteria and supporting arguments. It will either tale a lot of time to provide a quality evaluation, or your essay will be too shallow.
  • Not enough number of criteria. Make sure that your essay covers at least three criteria of the objective of your topic. Otherwise, your evaluation essay cannot estimate your target to a decent extend.
  • Using weak arguments like “This movie is the best because I love it.”

We hope that our basic recommendations will help you to find the right direction for writing your evaluation essay. You can also check some examples of this type of academic writing to catch up with a suitable writing style.

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