Evaluation Essay Topics Ideas And Writing Suggestions


An evaluation essay is an assignment where a writer represents a literary contribution, product, service, or situation and estimates it. Quality judgment of a specific item according to a set of criteria is at the center of attention. Sometimes an evaluated writing compares two or several almost identical issues to determine which of them is superb. 

Evaluation Essay: Definition, Specific Characteristics, and Purpose

An evaluation essay is an indispensable part of any program of studying establishments. Among schools, business organizations also frequently use it. You may meet an evaluation essay in the form of product reviews composed by management staff. 

Evaluative writing is specific and differs from other types of essays. Unlike an informative paper that aims at observing the information, an evaluation paper represents a subjective view, remaining the objective manner of conversation. The task of a writer is to expose the opinion basing on evidence or facts. A persuasive essay convinces the position of a writer. Avoid confusing it with an evaluation essay where a writer should enumerate the criteria and tell the opinion, allowing the readers to decide by themselves.

Gathering adequate facts that support the main argument is crucial for every evaluation essay.

Starting an Evaluation Essay

Any evaluative report should begin with a precise summary of the situation. For instance, a writer intends to observe the best Italian cuisine restaurants in the city. He should provide the list of recently checked places, representing the criteria of estimation. Providing the experience in each dining establishment is the aim of the work.

In the second part of an essay, a writer demonstrates a judgment based on the first type of criteria, for instance, selecting the best restaurant with the reasons that support the choice. These can be quality of service, order processing rapidity, meal prices, food, freshness. A writer may expand each criterion, adding subpoints to each one. Judging the service quality, it is worth mentioning the correct meeting of the individual requirements, the frequency of checking the visitor’s table, and the timeliness of fulfilling the drink.

Commensurately, an evaluation essay may consist of one item estimating according to the measurement scale instead of comparing several products or services. Speaking about the same example with Italian cuisine restaurants, a writer may choose one place for the detailed examination. Then the essay aims to conclude that it is a decent place to visit. The judgment process remains the same: including the criteria of evaluation and making the subsequent conclusion.

Evaluation Essay Topics: How to Choose

Choosing the right evaluation essay topic is the task of prime importance. The best choice is taking the one that interests a writer indeed. The range of topics for an evaluative report is overwhelming: scientific works, general fiction literature, a movie, gadget, and so many more. It is vital to be familiar with it to represent the relevant facts and credible reasoning of choice.

Also, consider the target audience. Be prepared to meet many readers who do not bother about your object of interest. Anyway, by providing a qualitative evaluation essay, you will always meet support from those who enjoy the same things as you do. Variety of interest is the fundamental truth that you should accept. Avoid fighting with it by writing an essay for everyone at once. 

When you have got an idea about the object to evaluate, confirm that you have enough information to provide in your evaluation essay. Namely:

  1. Determine the spaciousness of the theme. It can be narrow or broad. Describing technical issues or other overspecialized items, be ready that some readers might not well-versed in this subject. In this case, stick to more adaptive terms and explanations without a deep involvement, engaging as many people as possible.
  2. Select credible sources. Writing an evaluation essay about scientific works, explore the authoritative editions. When discussing technical inventions, use the producer manual as a guide. Whichever topic you choose, follow the relevant and timely updated information. Writing a school task essay, do not be shy to apply for instructions from the research advisor.

An efficient topic is a significant part of your success. 

Evaluation Essay Topics in Education

Choosing an education topic to discuss is appropriate for students of all studying establishments. Choose the idea from the list that matches the complexity of your task. Compare and estimate:

  • the quality of education in private and public teaching facilities;
  • the effectiveness of knowledge grading tests;
  • the appliance of science and art course knowledge in adult life;
  • the efficiency of printed and electronic materials in studying;
  • the proficiency of the most spread computer program at schools;
  • the appliance of sexual education and relationships for the young generation;
  • the quality and necessity of physical education for children;
  • the influence of social networks on the daily communication among age-mates;
  • the recent movies and their popularity;
  • the level of mind development in sport-involved and passive students;
  • the efficiency of lessons during in-person and remote learning;
  • the effectiveness of studying before and during COVID-19 pandemic preventive measurements;
  • the learning approach of different professors and choose the best one;
  • the value of the Internet in the studying process comparing to non-Internet times;
  • the popularity of libraries nowadays and their role during the learning;
  • the progress of your academic performance in the previous years and present period;
  • pros and cons of the schools for same-sex children;
  • advantages and disadvantages of religion lessons in the studying course.

Preferably, choose the case for your evaluative report that you can support with life experience.

Topics for Evaluation Essay: Gadgets and Technologies

Today, it is unreal to imagine our life without gadgets and technology inventions. Choosing evaluation essay topics from the «Gadgets and technologies» is a safe bet to win the attention of an overwhelming number of people. Parallel and judge:

  • your new iPhone with the anterior models;
  • the most functional photo editing application;
  • the best working web browser and its privileges among competitors;
  • recent text editors and the most useful one among all;
  • the effectiveness of legal provision dedicated to the exploitation of mobile phones while driving;
  • the efficiency of legal driving restrictions in decreasing the number of accidents;
  • the progress of equipment for musicians and its impact on the music quality;
  • notebook and stationary computer according to their best features to satisfy your daily tasks;
  • video games and their influence on children due to 3D graphics and other visual effects that bring the picture close to reality;
  • the productivity and fail-safety of Widows, Android, and Mac OS operating systems;
  • home cinema versus public cinema during the pandemic;
  • the progressive tendencies of computer development in the next year.

Today each person on the planet uses at least one piece of technical equipment every day. Choose the topic that sounds the most exciting to you and your audience.

Topics for Evaluation Essay: Culture

Some of us love to read a good book after a hectic day, while others enjoy watching a movie or creating art. Write about this in your evaluation essay and captivate a large audience. Collate and value:

  • the dissimilarity of the quality sound of live performance and vinyl records;
  • the modern classics and the authors of the previous century;
  • the veracity of facts in the historical movie and textbooks;
  • the theater performances you have recently seen;
  • surrealistic pieces of art and its influence on society;
  • the real and imaginative ending of any story, movie, or book according to your opinion;
  • the most successful music remakes that sound better than original;
  • several films of the same director and the used tactics;
  • the most significant political events that impacted the literature growth;
  • the recent musical album of your favorite band comparing to previous editions;
  • the book that left in you the worst feeling: state the causes according to the judging criteria;
  • the popularity of Disney and Warner Brothers cartoon characters;
  • horror comedies and their popularity;
  • the experience of a drive-in theater and an ordinary theater;
  • cultural significance structures in different countries and centuries according to their way of transmitting events from that time.

Culture involves every person in the world to varying degrees. Choose the topic you like the most to deliver a spectacular evaluation essay.

Topics for Evaluation Essay: Entertainment

All people adore having fun. As a writer, you can observe the best ways to entertain and evaluate them in your essay. Oppose and make value judgments about:

  • the most unusual ways of a birthday celebration;
  • wedding traditions in different countries;
  • Chicago or luau party: food and attribute costs, costumes, games evaluation;
  • the weirdest Halloween celebrations in the world;
  • skydiving and rope town and their level of adrenaline;
  • the most efficient computer programs for cartoon making;
  • entertainment of Russian tsars;
  • the most convenient daily sport (hiking, cycling, fitness);
  • the best cosmetic brands of the middle market;
  • the most romantic Christmas movies;
  • online community and live companies;
  • handicraft that suits for life ad can become an enjoyable income;
  • online relationship versus real relationship;
  • the best trade mall in your city according to the discount systems scale;
  • the recipes from a restaurant that you can cook at home;
  • styluses for drawing according to the price, devices compatibility, and productivity characteristics;
  • the best modern tabletop games for a group of people;
  • the best place to celebrate a corporate party;
  • camping and inside rest.

Find your favorite leisure time, compare and estimate it with other activities. Writing an evaluation essay has never been so simple.

Topics for Evaluation Essay: Healthcare and Medicine

Health bothers nearly everyone. This subject opens a wide range of evaluation essay topics. Measure and esteem:

  • the effectiveness of traditional and folk medicine against the diseases of mild forms;
  • the course and complications of COVID-19 and Spanish influenza;
  • the quality of cancer treatment in the clinics of your country;
  • the level of foam and disinfectant protection against microbes and viruses;
  • the rapidness of epidemic spreading on various continents;
  • the effectiveness of pills and injections;
  • the safety and efficiency of birth protection methods;
  • the characteristics of birth planning methods;
  • the harmful and beneficial role of spices for the human body;
  • the quality and safety of researcher laboratories nowadays;
  • the professionalism level in male and female healthcare providers;
  • the differences of bubonic plaque spreading in different countries;
  • the chances to survive in cancer and human immunodeficiency virus patients;
  • the immunity system of children and adults;
  • the substance of virus and bacteria;
  • the types of cough and the difference of their treatment;
  • mild and severe symptoms and their expressions; 
  • action, side effects, and effectiveness of drugs with natural and chemical ingredients;
  • pros and cons of euthanasia;
  • advantages and disadvantages of cannabis in treatment.

Prove that medicine is a compelling science and capacious subject to evaluate. Explaining the scientific medical findings in human language will sound engaging to your audience.

Topics for Evaluation Essay: Money

Whether we like it or not, money is an integral part of our lives. Some people love money, while others need it as leverage. Tell about your attitude to money, disclosing your opinion in one of the topics below. Compare and estimate:

  • the benefits of small business and finding a job after graduation;
  • similarities and differences of the poverty and business failure cause;
  • the effective methods of passive income;
  • ways of earning on the Internet;
  • savings or life for pleasures;
  • the types of deposit programs in the banks of your country;
  • the types of conditions for credit cards;
  • the systems of immediate payments Western Union and Money Gram;
  • SWIFT payment conditions for various organizations;
  • pros and cons of Payoneer;
  • usage of PayPal worldwide;
  • charity as a way of business;
  • the advantages and disadvantages of credits for business and individuals;
  • the differences of auctions by bidding;
  • the carrier path of the wealthiest people in the world;
  • the fields of the most profitable investments;
  • taxes rates for the community facilities in your country;
  • Black Friday and regular discount sales.

Enjoying shopping or planning to open a business, there are many issues to parallel and esteem.

Topics for Evaluation Essay: Public Accommodations

All of us enjoy attending public places after studying or a working day. Write your evaluation report about the public accommodations in your city or elsewhere. Confront and judge:

  • the best five-stars hotels in Egypt;
  • travel agencies in your town;
  • the quality of rest in coffee houses;
  • prices and services in Chinese restaurants;
  • the most stylish bowling clubs;
  • the interior of various museums to see;
  • the quality of 4D-cinemas;
  • regular performances and drive-in concerts during COVID-19 pandemic;
  • American Airlines and SkyWest Airlines services, routes, prices;
  • the assortment of the local computer shops;
  • the most stylish brewery restaurants near you;
  • safety of amusement parks for children;
  • Disneyland and Legoland;
  • the most fantastic waterparks you have ever visited;
  • prices and trips of Europe tours;
  • advantages and disadvantages of holiday camp;
  • places to visit on Christmas;
  • quality of food, costs review, and interior of pizzerias in your city;
  • the best chocolateries in the world to attend;
  • the most exciting trade fairs in Europe;
  • local Christmas trees bazaars in your town;
  • the best beauty parlors in your city according to prices and level of services.

When choosing the right topic, writing an evaluation essay can be fun. The information research process will bring you joy and satisfaction. Representing handy and comprehensive advice to your readers guarantees a good grade for students and success to bloggers.

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