What Are Demonstration Speech Ideas?


Students of middle and high school have probably heard about a demonstrative speech that is considered to be the simplest type of speech. It is when a young person must find out how to analyze the method or a system of anything and introduce it clearly. A good speech can engage, inspire and make the target audience agree with stated points and ideas. That’s why it is so important to look at possible demonstration speech ideas and choose the best idea to prepare a speech on. As a rule, it details every step making things easier for people to understand. Speech preparation differs a lot from essay writing. Hence you need a few efficient tips to catch the overall idea.

As a demonstrative speech aims to show or speak about some process, the speaker can use charts, PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and other visual aids to clarify the topic. It should be mentioned that demonstrative speeches are important in professional life, so getting the skill of preparing such speech will be your great benefit as a specialist in any field. The level of difficulty of the topic depends on the student’s academic level. For college students and those who attend school, the topics won’t be complex.  Things are different when it comes to mechanics or similar fields. Here, the speeches will be really complex.

Top Demonstration Speech Topics for Students

As it has been mentioned above, the topic complexity depends on the class and the field that you study. Successful speech writing and public speaking ideas are able to engage the target audience.  You will not get any good results if the demonstrative speech doesn’t sound what people expect to hear. Therefore, if you do not want to waste time and effort, look at collecting the best demonstrative speech topics and choose the idea that appeals to you best of all.

Ideas for Middle School

What are the best topics for speech when it comes to middle school? They should not be too complicated but still quite engaging to attract the audience’s attention. Here are a few nice ideas to choose from:

  1. A guide on using a telescope
  2. What is stretching and its benefits?
  3. Top ways to paint eggs for Easter day
  4. How to make natural perfumes at home?
  5. How can a person register for voting?
  6. What is graffiti, and how to make it at home?
  7. How to solve the Rubik’s cube successfully?
  8. How to use Photoshop for editing photos?
  9. The ways to choose a color scheme and palette
  10. The best techniques to teach parrots to talk

Ideas for High School

The topics for high school are becoming more complicated in comparison to high school. Here you have a wider choice and may let your fantasy work:

  1. How to plan a wedding without going crazy?
  2. The options for dressing like a Barbie
  3. How to remember lectures as easy as song lyrics?
  4. How to learn breakdance and impress your friends?
  5. How to put the responsibility on the horoscope?
  6. The best strategy to become a winner in a food challenge
  7. How to look like a princess from your favorite fairy-tale?
  8. The steps for preparing mango pudding
  9. How do you select suitable running shoes?
  10. The ways to check whether Louis Vuitton bag is original

Ideas for College Students

College students must come up with catchy demonstration speech ideas that are both interesting for them and for the audience. Here are helpful ideas to get some inspiration:

  1. A detailed guide on learning salsa
  2. How to become a great ballroom dancer?
  3. What are interior design and its main peculiarities
  4. Detailed instruction on organizing a party
  5. How to decrease blood pressure in half of an hour?
  6. A detailed instruction for creating a Halloween mask?
  7. How to prepare salt for a bath at home?
  8. The benefits of horse riding and how to learn it quickly
  9. How to prepare an appealing research paper?
  10. How to make a scrapbook for your birthday?

Demonstrative Speech Ideas With Food

If you are on the outlook for some great demonstrative speech ideas related to food, then this list will be a true godsend to you:

  1. Popular ways to make chili
  2. Top efficient tips to arrange a fantastic barbeque
  3. The recipe of a traditional for your area soup
  4. The basic rules of tasting wine
  5. How to prepare pasta by yourself?
  6. Guide on main secrets of home-made jam
  7. A step-by-step guide on preparing Irish coffee
  8. The best cooking tips for kids and men
  9. How to bake a cake with no oven at home?
  10. The significance of having breakfast every day.

Demonstrative Speech Ideas With Visual Aid

Any related visual aid will help you produce a stronger effect on the target audience. Look at these prompts:

  1. How to put on a perfect makeup
  2. Building a paper airplane
  3. How to put people under hypnosis?
  4. Doing graffiti with no experience
  5. Making music from the guitar
  6. Doing perfect card tricks
  7. Making envelopes for Christmas Day
  8. How to trim garden flowers?
  9. Decorating birthday cakes
  10. How to do beautiful braids?

These were some nice demonstration speech ideas for making your choice easier depending on your education degree. Any of them will help you come up with a stunning project. You can use some topic that was listed above or use the mentioned ideas for inspiration.

How to Prepare Demonstration Speech Outline

What should I do for a demonstration speech? You should create an outline. It is not only important for making the preparation speech process easier. An outline helps you make the speech more detailed and correct. If it is the first time that you try to prepare a speech, then you might be wondering why the outline is significant. Actually, it helps you arrange all your thoughts properly and does not lose the major focus.

If you want to prepare a demonstration speech easier and quicker, choose the topic carefully and craft an outline before beginning a writing process. This sequence of steps will help you prepare an awesome outline in no time.

Determine the Speech Duration

First of all, you need to find out the duration of your speech duration. It is crucial to realize the time amount that you will have. In case you go far beyond the time, you risk losing the audience’s attention and not produce the desired effect. Also, you can tell people how they can take advantage of the data that you plan to share. If you have no idea whether the speech will fit a definite time limit, you can try a converter of words to minutes.

Learn Your Target Audience

Try to know well your target audience if you do not want to waste time and effort trying to reach it. The topic must be interesting and engaging for people, and they must understand your message clearly. For instance, if you are preparing a speech for the scientific community, then demonstration speech ideas focused on the psychological area will not grab the attention of the audience—the same works for all spheres. People who are interested in engineering will not listen attentively to the speech related to art. So, your primary goal should be to make them interested in your project.

Describe the Central Issue Briefly

At the very start, you need to tell the audience what you are going to talk about. A brief overview will catch people’s attention, set the right mood, and will help them feel more confident. Next, come up with a detailed description of the entire process step by step. It is high time to share your handouts if you have prepared a few. Make sure that the used materials are simple-to-read and also understand.  Consider adding a diagram to your presentation as an effective tool to demonstrate all involved steps. If it is possible, then list available prerequisites for the project.

Check the Whole Speech

Proofreading is important not only for writing but for speech as well. You should read the whole speech from the very beginning to the very end and make sure that all details are arranged well. Mind all weak points, if there are any, and do your best to make changes. It would be great if you have someone who is ready to help you make your speech smoother and engaging. Ask your friend or relative to proofread the project to get rid of all possible inaccuracies. If there is no such person right beside you, then consider approaching a professional proofreader to help you boost the quality of the speech.

Rehearse Your Speech

You should rehearse the speech before a big day comes. If you have picked up a simple topic like cooking sushi or the best techniques to teach parrots to talk, then you can succeed on your own. However, if you are going to talk on more complex issues, such as a detailed guide on learning salsa, then you may have a partner. Together, you will easily cope with the speech, and of course, make it more engaging. 

Summing – Up

How do you write a demonstration speech? You need to choose one of the demonstration speech ideas, create an outline, use handy visual aids, proofread the speech and invite the partner if the topic is complex. Still, if you feel confused and you are not sure about your ability to create a stunning speech, then you can get in touch with a professional company for writing services. 

Inspired specialists will help you choose the best topic that will surely appeal to your target audience and prepare the presentation that you will succeed with. You can also ask for help with proofreading a ready speech to make sure it is polished well, and you have all chances to reach your goal. Mind that an idea which you select from numerous demonstration speech topics plays a decisive role in your overall result.  So, do not hurry; think twice and choose the idea that will be interesting for you and for the target audience.

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