Want to Improve Your Career? Read How to Write the Engineering Cover Letter


A cover letter, resume, and portfolio are the three pillars of success when applying for an engineering job. Without a cover letter, you risk that your HR manager will not pay attention to your candidacy at all, even if you have a perfect experience and the skills required.

But how to write a cover letter that will become your business card when applying for a job? We share tips and beautiful design examples. Get inspired and get a dream job soon.

Engineering Cover Letter Definition

Engineering Cover Letter (or CL) is a succinct description of the skills and achievements in the profession you are applying for. First, the HR manager reads it and only then goes on or off to your resume.

When applying for a vacancy online, you get an opportunity to write a cover letter or to paste the ready text. Make sure you don’t forget about this stage if you really want to work in this company. It is also possible to create a unique design to impress your future employer.

Cover Letter Perfect Structure: Read and Follow

We have prepared a simple guide with the perfect engineering cover letter structure for you. That’s it:

  • Greeting. Say hello, contact the HR manager or director of the company, indicate your name, where you’ve found the vacancy and the name of the position you are applying for. Start with a neutral “hello.” If you don’t know who to contact, you can simply write “hello there” or find the director’s name in open sources.
  • Describe your use for this project or vacancy. Tell them what you know, what you have already done on a professional level, what results have you received. Your task is to interest the employer with your candidacy right now. You may have no other chance.
  • Tell why are you interested in this vacancy? Do you want to get more experience, learn from professionals in your field or did you like this option because of the possibility of remote work? Show that you are sincerely interested in working in this particular company.
  • Completion. Thank for the attention, let the employer know that you are ready to meet in the near future to discuss the details of cooperation. Don’t forget your contact information.

The Way You Can Format Your Cover Letter

You must understand that a single format for all candidates simply does not exist. You must rely on the characteristics of your field, your experience, skills, etc. But if you make sure that the structure of your letter is concise and understandable, you will facilitate the work of recruiters and call them arrangement. We offer you some good tips for this case:

  • Use bulleted lists
  • Use numbers in the letter
  • The letter should be concise – no more than 3-4 paragraphs
  • Indicate e-mail with your first and last name
  • Use P. S. to get attention
  • Do not forget about the beautiful design
  • Choose a calm solid background
  • Fonts should be easy to read

Some Useful Tips For Your Engineering Cover Letter

If you have just graduated from the Faculty of Engineering and are going to develop your career, there are simply a huge number of opportunities in front of you. Start with a good cover letter. This is your chance to make a first impression, to establish yourself as a worthy employee. Also, your cover letter will help you stand out from the competition. Use our recommendations for this purpose:

  • Do not duplicate your resume
  • Do not step back from the structure
  • Choose the right letter tone
  • Briefly tell your career story
  • Do not exaggerate your merits
  • Do not know how to joke, do not joke
  • Minimum metaphors, maximum specifics
  • Avoid banal phrases and clericalism
  • Do not make excuses and avoid unnecessary information
  • Lean on the text of the vacancy
  • Check spelling errors

Some Necessary Skills for Engineers

Make sure your text is correct, reliable, logically structured. If you make a mistake in the cover letter, most likely you will be wrong with this job. If you are not sure that your paper is as good as you would like, entrust this check to a professional.

To Whom Should You Address a Cover Letter?

Begin by contacting the addressee by name. By submitting this document, you are likely to know the name of the recruiter or manager who is responsible for this vacancy. Therefore, you can start your letter with these words:

  • Dear Peter,
  • Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. / Miss Anderson

Don’t worry if you prefer to you use just polite treatment. You can go further even without a name if it is not indicated in the desired vacancy. You can choose one of the next options for this purpose:

  • Dear Sir;
  • Dear Hiring Manager;
  • Dear “Company name” Team;
  • Dear Marketing Team Hiring Manager.

Try to avoid the informal style.

It is not a mistake to use the phrase ”To Whom It May Concern”, but try to avoid this choice as it is not very popular today. It is much better for you to make your research and to find the name you need.

Perfect Engineering Cover Letter Introduction Examples

This is a serious position, therefore, more accurate with the design. The color scheme should be calm, it is enough to use 2-3 colors. Choose simple fonts. In the letter itself, emphasize the delivery of reports on time and the ability to work with important programs for the engineer.

I am interested in this vacancy because at the moment it is the most interesting area of activity for me.”

I have twenty years of experience in solving design issues in the field of metal structures, pumping and boiler equipment, and technological equipment. I’ve supervised the issues of technical support of production, development of products and devices, timely and high-quality issuance of project documentation.

Thank you for considering my resume and letters of recommendation. I would be grateful for the response and invitation to an interview at a convenient time for you.


Among hundreds of applicants, HR managers are always looking not for the best, but for the first candidate. If the recruiter has 500 responses, then he will invite the first 20 specialists who are interested in this position. These will be people from the first hundred. Most likely, they will attract attention through a competent cover letter. The main thing that you should remember is that you need to sell yourself professionally and act proactively. Good luck!

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