Five Most Powerful and Effective Writing Techniques


Find a minute, close your eyes, and think about the book or story, which completely amazes you. Maybe that one which character and the events become real. Do you recall something special?

And, please, look at this story or book not from the side of the readers, but from the author’s side. What techniques were used? What did make you feel all emotions?

In addition, it must be said that the author’s ability is improved when he/she reads a lot of quality literature. Such reading will make your craft better, and you will have excellent results in writing. So, in this article five, the most effective writing techniques are provided.

Involve multiple senses

Provide the readers as much information as you can. So, the author has to understand that everything makes an atmosphere. Writing about an event, you have to mention when, where, and how it was. Moreover, the feelings of the people, their clothes, mood, emotions, and other important elements must be written as well. Reading many such details, the reader will create a completed image in his/her mind.

For example, the images of two young girls can be described differently. Reading about:

  • One girl is dressed in a beautiful colorful dress, her haircut is cute, and her eyes are bright
  • Another girl doesn’t have any jewelry, listens to heavy metal music, smokes and doesn’t mind about her appearance.

We understand that there are two completely different girls. The author can just write that the girl is going to school. But with the help of the mentioned details, the reader gets the right and detailed image.

Remember that the written words are not the same as the movie. Watching a movie, we see the images that were created by the film directors. But reading a book, the images appear in your mind, and only you can see it. But to create a completed image of the character, the author has to mention everything.

As for the events, the same rules are used. The weather, the time, the place, and other details are important. Just remember how long the description of the Notre-Dame de Paris. The author wrote this description on more than 15 pages, but the book wouldn’t be so impressive and meaningful without it. After reading, all readers know more about the legendary cathedral, and they don’t think that the description is not needed.

So, one of the writing techniques tells us to use details properly. They shouldn’t confuse the readers but have to create the right image of the described character, event, or moment.

What about complex characters?

It is a well-known fact for the authors that the readers want to read about someone who is sympathetic to them. For example, Harry Potter is liked by everyone. It is clear because the children want to be like him; younger children think he is cool and awesome, and adults can come back to the times of their childhood and be pleased with this fantastic story.

All we have different destinies, and none of us have a simple one. So, there are lots of books where the heroes have something similar to the readers. It makes the book even more interesting, and the person finds something close to him/her.

Being an author, you have to give readers insight into the hero’s life and personality. In successful books, there are not so many events or situations. People like reading about the complex characters, who can’t believe in her/himself at first, or who can’t find the place in life. There are too many modern problems described in the books, and such stories will always win the hearts of the readers.

It is the best way to point out a certain period of life of the characters and write about events that happened at that time. For example, women like reading about the problems between children and parents, or between men and women. Simple characters are not interesting, because most complex ones are in preference.

If there are some characters in the story, they mustn’t be limited. Especially when the main character is in the story, the author has to show him/her in development. Sometimes authors add characters for fulfilling the empty spaces. But the authors have to remember that every character has to bring something to the story.

Sometimes writers include two twins, two weak characters. But in spite of this, here only one complex character can be.

Encourage readers to have strong emotions

It is believed that people read books because it’s their hobby. Of course, it is true. But one more reason for reading is curiosity. People like to know something new. We have said that there are lots of books which are close to people and their destinies. But there are also books which events differ from the events of the reader’s life. And then the question appears. What will happen next?

The task of the author is to make the story as interesting and exciting as he/she can. There are people who open the book on the last page to know how the book ends. But the author needs to predict it and to make the end of the story unpredictable. The tools of the author are anger, love, humor, the crossing of destinies, and the different situations.

The authors usually include the characters in which prototypes are taken from their own lives. It is also a wonderful tip to create characters, situations, or events from the life of an alive person. The readers will understand that someone has the same problems as he/she does.

Don’t ignore the character voice

It has a huge impact. It is important to use colloquial words and slang when the events take place in modern times, and historical words, phrases, and voice when the book tells about the historical events.

People like to read because they can appear in ancient times or in the far future. They can become witnesses of the life of the previous presidents as well as the modern ones. And that is where the power of the book begins.

Also, one more tip is the use of emotion. It is so difficult to show how emotional the conversation is just with the help of the words. But in another case, the author can use punctuations, short words, and direct speech. At the same time, the author’s words will help to describe how it was said.

Involve the reader into the action

The reader doesn’t like to be aside from the action. Almost every reader feels that he/she is involved in the situation. It is an ideal approach to use words like ‘dear reader’ or something like this during your story. The reader will feel like a real friend who was waived by the heroes.

Famous authors also usually use some constructions and speak to the readers with the help of the word “you.” For instance, the author can use such phrases as “You probably understand,” “You may know what happened before,” and so on.

So as for the conclusion, we want to add that the book is a new story for readers. They want to be with it from the very beginning and till the end. Sometimes the books tell about the whole generations, and the reader becomes like the family member who knows different representatives from the different generations. Moreover, if there are some secrets between the characters, the reader knows about all of them.

It is so important for the reader to feel with the characters like with the company of friends. But it is also important for the author to use our effective writing techniqueswhich help to create a unique, attractive, and quality content.

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