Thesis statement examples for your successful essay


A well-written thesis statement is the half success of any writing assignment. But lots of you worry when they have to think of the thesis statement. And there are some good reasons for it while the process requires showing your writing and thinking skills.

A good thesis statement can be valuable for your paper and increase your grade a lot. We would love to provide you with some good thesis statement writing tips and excellent thesis statement examples in that article.

But if you still will be not sure of how to write a great thesis statement, you can always use the help of a professional writer. At least, you will be 100% sure of its high quality and uniqueness. But first, let’s figure out what a thesis statement is.

Thesis statement definition

What does a thesis statement mean? You will have that question once you start writing your research or any other paper. It’s no wonder while no academic paper can be written without it. A thesis statement is just a small sentence that delivers the core idea of your paper to the target audience.

The core aim of the thesis statement is to deliver the main information at the very beginning. It means that you should focus on expressing your thoughts clearly and understandable to your readers. If you fail, they might not understand the core message of your paper.
Creating just one core sentence is not an easy task and quite often, it may be throwing a curveball even to diligent students and experienced writers. And if you want to succeed and get the highest grade, you should master certain skills to write your best thesis statement.

A properly-written thesis statement should:

  • Let your reader know about the way of interpreting the importance of the subject to be discussed;
  • Let the target audience know what they should expect from your work;
  • Answer the question asked by you and interpret the subject or question;
  • Claim something that other people may argue;
  • Be the sentence at the end of the initial paragraph delivering your argument to the readers.

The thesis statement structure

There is not much to tell you about the structure of the thesis statement while it almost doesn’t have any. It should only include one to three sentences. However, it should be as brief as possible.

Your thesis statement should contain an affirmation that has to be arguable and be valuable for your readers. At the end of your statement, you can offer the readers to read the paper if you think it is suitable.

How to write your thesis statement properly

The first thing you should bear in mind is that your thesis has to be clear and make sense. It may seem easy but it is not. Before you even start thinking about your thesis, you should gather and evaluate all your sources.

Make sure to have a position that doesn’t contradict your personal judgments. But make sure not only to observe but to pose a “why” question in your statement and explain the correlation between different questions.

Don’t procrastinate with writing a “test” thesis. But make sure to make notes of every idea coming to your mind in order not to skip the most brilliant ones. Make a list of different thesis statements for picking the best out of them later.

If you put a statement at the bottom of your introduction, it will boost the chances for it to be noticed and remembered well by the audience. But it can work only with short papers containing less than fifteen pages.

It is also mandatory to write counterarguments once you have finished your thesis. Your thesis should be much stronger than any counterargument and give them no single chance. And if it is still weaker than one of the counterarguments, think of a different thesis. The counterarguments should be provided not in the introduction but at the end of the whole paper!

What does a perfect thesis statement consist of?

When working on your thesis, you should remember about the core characteristics of it. Sometimes, a specific question isn’t asked in the prompt. But your thesis should always reply to a clear question. If you want to succeed in writing an outstanding thesis statement, you should:

  • Target one idea;
  • Write on a theme upon which professionals could dispute;
  • Write a statement that coincides with the conclusions of the author;

Brainstorming your subject is crucial. We would recommend gathering your family members or friends and discussing the ideas that may relate to the subject of your paper before you start working on it. That will help you think of the pros and cons of certain factors that relate to the topic.

The topic you choose should not be too general but make sure to write about something clear, specific, and precise. You should put a general thesis in the beginning and narrow your title down to make it more concise and specific.

Great examples of the thesis statements

If you cannot come up with the idea of how to get the attention of your audience from the very first line of your essay, you should read some proper thesis statement examples. It may inspire you to think of a brilliant idea of your own and give you a better image of how a successful thesis statement should look like.

But before you do that, you have to understand there are various types of thesis statements and each of them needs its special approach. Here are some examples to check:

    • Persuasive thesis statement

Basketball is the most exciting, vivid, and captivating sport.

    • Contrast thesis statement

Both Christianity and Judaism are Abrahamic religious having the same cultural source, however, they are different in their faith practices, the divinity of Jesus Christ, and religious cannon recognitions.

    • Expository thesis statement

The USA spends more funds on the military field than all the industrialized countries altogether.

    • Cause and effect thesis statement

The government of our country must ensure free schooling for every child while competent and educated citizens are more likely to be employed and contribute to the wealth of the country.

    • Analytical thesis statement

The success of any basketball player depends not only on his skills but also on his ability to submit to training and coaching.

    • Question thesis statements

You already know that your introduction is simply obliged to be eye-catching and keep the readers’ interest. So any tactics can be good for that purpose, including using rhetorical questions. But can a thesis statement be written in the form of a question? The answer is no and here is why.

A thesis statement is aimed to let your reader know what information you intend to deliver in your essay. In the thesis, you introduce your argument. The argument has to be proved by a credible source and related evidence. Can a claim be a question? Of course, it can’t.

In conclusion, you may repeat your thesis but do not raise any new questions with it. Only give answers. Your paper should answer the core question provided by you in two or three sentences. This is what’s called a thesis. But make sure to keep it short.

But writing the topic sentences of the body can be written in the form of questions. In the body paragraphs, you should provide the answers, explanations, etc., and they can be questioned. However, those questions should give a clear idea of the core message of your paper and of its aim.

In case your topic sentence is written in the form of a question, it should be interesting to your reader and look like a hook. And since good questions are the best hooks, it is a good idea to use such topic sentences. Your thesis and topic sentences should be logically connected while they both should lead your reader to the conclusion in a tandem.

How long your thesis statement should be

As it was already mentioned, your thesis statement should be as brief as possible. The volume of your paper may by no means influence the length of your thesis. And no matter what format you stick to, the thesis can be only up to three sentences. Although we would recommend writing it in not more than one sentence. This is a perfect length!

There is one norm though – an abstract shouldn’t be longer than 300 words and shorter than 250 words. Thus, an abstract takes one-third of the A4 page.

We hope these tips will help you write an outstanding thesis statement on your own. However, if you are not sure about your skills, time, or knowledge, you can ask for the help of professional writers. It will guarantee you a unique, eye-catching, and top-quality thesis statement for your paper without worries to miss your deadline or get a low grade.

Remember that professional writers can write papers of any complexity and academic level, even within the toughest deadlines.

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