Essential Information on How to Write a First-Class Essay


In the beginning, let’s look at the definition of a first-class essay. Traditionally, it concerns writing an essay that has a result of 75% or higher. Of course, at first, many students may find this task too difficult or even impossible. However, there are many different ways in which you can create this type of paper. Rather, read our article and find out more information about this.

Acquaintance With the Main Requirements

This item may seem simple, but it is only at first glance. Many students often ignore it, which is why the essay is of poor quality. Take this aspect seriously and get acquainted with all the criteria that have to be met in order to obtain high results. A responsible approach will help you in identifying all the main components that should be present in your essay. This can be found in the manual or in the appendix to the question. For this reason, you should be as careful as possible and constantly monitor all possible news.

Traditionally, marking criteria covers the following elements:

  • critical analysis;
  • technical knowledge base;
  • grammar;
  • content;
  • presentation;
  • list of the used sources;
  • structure and other.

Remember that different types of essays have their own special features. You need to clearly understand the requirements for each format. A great way would be to make a short outline of all the necessary aspects. Thanks to this, you can monitor the order and compliance with each criterion in the process of writing the work. This will make you much closer to achieving the goal.

Think Carefully About Your Future Work

This is one of the most important steps of the process of writing a first-class essay. Remember that choosing a particular idea just because you like it or are familiar with this area is not the best option. On the one hand, this is a certain guarantee of your interest in this matter. However, there are many other aspects which you should pay attention to.

Another very important moment is the availability of a sufficient number of sources that relate to the selected topic. It is explained by the importance of the arguments that reinforce the stated thoughts.

You should also be mindful of reliability and make sure that all the literature that you use is relevant.

Understanding the Question

Above, we emphasized the importance of familiarization with marking criteria, what is the starting point for writing an essay. Nevertheless, it will be a futile activity if you do not understand the topic. It may also seem very simple, but as statistics show, the percentage of poor performance is connected precisely with the lack of orientation in the chosen topic.

Traditionally, the main essay questions contain terms such as ‘outline,’ ‘critical research,’ and others. Study these ‘directory words’ to understand how to write a first-class essay.

Quality List of the Used Sources

After you have figured out the selected topic and the essence of the essay question, you can move on to the next paragraph, which is the quality of the referencing system. We previously discussed this moment a bit. Of course, during the study of the topic, you were engaged in reading the number of materials that were created by other authors.

The use of such sources is an integral part of any first-class essay. Of course, reading monographs and other voluminous textbooks is a wonderful option. Nevertheless, articles also play the role of excellent materials. They are relevant and are often published on various resources.

The first class of essays should demonstrate a balance between theoretical and empirical literature. However, it’s necessary to remember marking criteria and get to know everything that relates to this aspect.

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In-depth Study of the Issue

This item is closely related to the previous one. Nevertheless, here the central element is knowledge and not literature. The main requirement of a first-class essay is a full reading of all resources and not superficial. This fact demonstrates an in-depth study of the selected topic.

The key task is not only in your arguments but also in creating a critical correlation with the different views of other scholars. Thanks to this, you will be able to show a depth of awareness of current discussions of other aspects.

Coherent Argument Formulation

After a deep study of the sources, you will have your own point of view based on the available materials. Nevertheless, it should not be too distant from the topic. For this reason, your arguments need to be adapted to the key issue. You also need to remember the sequence to maintain a structured presentation of all ideas. Thanks to this, you will be able to demonstrate a strong argument, allowing us to trace the flow of thoughts and add up the impression of existing skills.

Logical thinking and deep reasoning are some of the most significant aspects of a first-class essay.

Do not Forget About the Structure

An excellent elaboration of this item contributes to the correct and harmonious presentation of your point of view. Check for orderliness in demonstrating arguments so that logic can be easily traced. This type of essay has a traditional structure. However, there are many factors that you should pay attention to. Below we have provided basic information regarding this.

  • Introductory part. Here your key task is to summarize the essence and purpose of writing the work. Clearly introduce the central component. Next, you need to develop a thesis that plays the role of explaining the main argument. You need to create a brief but, at the same time, a detailed description of everything that will be revealed in the following parts of the study.
  • Key Paragraphs.This section of your essay is the most important part because it contains a detailed presentation of the arguments. A good option would be to discuss one point of view in each paragraph. Thanks to this, you will be able to maintain a structured and focused narration. Remember that each new part should begin with an introductory phrase which role is the synthesis of everything that will be described later.
  • Final Part.In fact, the conclusion is a brief generalization of everything that was described in the previous sections. Nevertheless, it is also necessary to present your own conclusions regarding the issue and talk about the consequences of the analyzes. This will give you the opportunity to correlate with the subject of your work and present its role in the field.

Final Details

You should take this task responsibly and return to the instructions provided with the marking criteria. It contains information about the font size and formatting of the fields. Strictly follow all of these rules and check the written material.

We have described the main points that will help you understand how to write a first-class essay. Be careful, develop your own strategies, and the work will get a high result.

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