Guidelines on How to Write a First Class Essay

How to Write a First Class Essay

This article is dedicated to helping students with their graduation and teaching them how to write a first-class essay. The educational and research standards are changing, and graduate tasks become more complicated every year. For students who want to graduate with the first overall, this can be a disturbing fact. However, the more you know about the situation, the more opportunities for you to become better.

Universities want to graduate the best students and raise their reputation and status in the academic area. So they level up the standards of their examinations. As a result, graduates with first-class results are more valuable on the job market, and potential employers expect this level from you too.

Points for Getting a First-Class Degree

Here are some recommendations for you so you could succeed in writing a first-class essay:

  1. Train your skills. You will be able to write a great essay if you have enough practice till then. The more essays you complete during your studying, the more experienced and skilled you will be.
  2. Know your subject. Your reader will notice the level of your engagement in the topic you write about. It is always obvious whether a writer has done deep research or just satisfied with basic knowledge.
  3. Express yourself. Even if you know the topic well and research it deep enough, without showcasing your rhetorical skills, you will never get the first result. You need to be able to use your knowledge and info from different sources to express your views and convey the reader as well.
  4. Do more than in assignment. You can get just a second-class degree if you do only what your assignments says. The following requirements are important, but you need to stand out from the crowd. So, find other ways of understanding the subjects so you could express something new and unique in your essay.
  5. Do not be afraid of risk. This point is connected to the previous two. If you avoid some controversial approaches in your essay, staying in the “safe” zone, your essay can hardly be outstanding for your reader. Do not be critical or skeptical in your work, defending personal views.

Features of a Good First-Class Essay

If you think that previous recommendations are too vague, we can look from another perspective and describe features of a first-class essay as a finished task.

Meeting the task brief

We mentioned that your essay should not be just in terms of the task requirements. However, it should meet all the points from the brief before you start adding to it some extra aspects. Your creativity should be there, but following instructions is significant as well. Make sure your essay covers all the aspects of the topic and fits other requirements. Be accurate as well as original in your writing.

Clear and precise arguments

Your reader should understand the purpose of your essay and what it means you are about to use for it is. Give a clear understanding of what your essay is dedicated to in your thesis statement. Your arguments should not be just repeating the information from the module. You should base your arguments on it, but bringing them to action, conflict, disrupt.

Strong argument support

It is not enough to just write something controversial and unique as your argument. You have to be able to support your ideas with strong arguments. Here is where your research results are handy. Also, you can support your arguments with existing (or hypothetical) counter-arguments. You can compare your position to the opposite view and prove that your ideas have better support.

Suitable structure

Make sure you have chosen a suitable structure where both arguments and supporting proofs are balanced in the text. If you have, for instance, three arguments and you have a lot to say about the two, while you are not so into the third one, you risk writing not enough to cover that part. Consequently, your work will look unfinished. So when you choose arguments and ideas in terms of the topic, make sure you can allocate them in your essay in balance.

Deep research

This depends on how much you are engaged in the chosen topic. The level of your interest and the depth of your research will be obvious to your reader. And if you want to express your thoughts that might be controversial or unpopular, the amount of work you have done to prove it will level up your chances to succeed.

Defining the higher purpose of your work

You have to realize that your essay should not be just another text on the topic that is meaningless to the academic community. You have to set your work as a contribution to the overall knowledge in the particular discipline. Along with this, your essay has to be with a clear purpose, definite structure, unique arguments, and confident presentation.

Additional points for writing a first class essay

You have to practice and improve your skills before your essay strategy will be strong enough to persuade your readers that your essay worth their attention. But we want to share a few tips that will help you on this path.

Do not procrastinate

Keep in mind that it is never too early to start working on your essay. Do not postpone preparation to the moment you have only a few weeks left till the deadline. As soon as your module starts, find out what essay you will need to prepare by the end of it.

Research beyond the syllabus

If you want to be more than an average student, you have to see the opportunities to research more than it is given in a syllabus. Do not limit your research with a given reading list, but seek for the opportunities to widen your knowledge with the origins and historical facts connected with the material you research.

Collect sources you use in research

It can be tough to collect all the sources you have used when your essay is done. So, in order not to get stuck on this stage, we recommend you to take notes of the sources you find the relevant information. Use available software and other tools to arrange the bibliography.

Come up with own topic ideas and consult with a teacher

This is another opportunity for extra points. This will show you are engaged in the process, but also you will be sure that the objectives of your essay will be interesting to you.

Analyze and compare: do not just describe

Your essay should be the result of criticizing and comparing the objectives and its features. Simple synthesizing is not enough for a first-class essay.

Perks of a Good Work

There are too many factors about how to write a first-class essay that can influence the results of your work. However, following our instructions, you will show your tutors and mentors that you have done a great job, and you are engaged with the topic and the essay objectives. This will also prove that you evolved intellectually as well. Risky actions in your text will prove this. And your reader will mark the brave moves that will add you some extra points for sure.

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