The Purpose and Characteristics of Extended Essay Examples


So, let’s analyze the main elements and features that are associated with this kind of academic paper. Acquaintance with a series of extended essay examples clearly demonstrates that a key aspect of the successful implementation of this assignment is a well-formed structure.
In addition to this, you should not forget about the importance of formulating the topic of the research part and revealing the main problems.

What I Need to Do

First of all, we emphasized the value of the structure since a special feature of this type of essay is the volume. Before starting work, we certainly recommend you to study a number of excellent extended essay examples, because thanks to the template you will clearly understand the essence of the assignment and the specifics of this genre.

After that, you should break the writing process into several parts. It will help to carefully think through each stage of the work and pay due attention to all important aspects.

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What Does It Mean

Of course, it is a very difficult task to write a correct and competent extended essay without a detailed description of its features and uniqueness. In short, this is a type of college or university paper whose essence is to conduct a 4000-word study.

Actually, it is not easy to imagine the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program without this assignment. For this reason, each student has to provide his own study to obtain a bachelor’s degree. This fact confirms the importance of an extended essay in the academic environment and allows it to go beyond the scope of ordinary written work.

So, that is why preparing and writing a good extended essay is such an important aspect. Next, we will analyze all the key elements of the workflow in more detail. Thanks to this the student will be able to better navigate in the abundance of requirements and specific features. At the same time, you should not forget that only with a correctly structured and formatted essay there can be a good result.

The Process of Writing an Extended Essay

Above, we briefly described the essence and purpose of this type of academic paper. However, before moving on to work, you need to familiarize yourself with certain information regarding the assessment system. The 36-point scale is presented by The International Baccalaureate, according to which, a student’s score may apply to categories such as:

  • А – excellent result;
  • B – very good;
  • C – good performance;
  • D – mediocre achievements;
  • E – satisfactory (minimum score).

An extended essay on The International Baccalaureate includes the following elements:

  • practice conducting the undergraduate research;
  • the opportunity to study a narrow topic that is part of one of the Diploma Program subjects.

An extended essay also can relate to a variety of scientific disciplines.

Where to Begin

There are several generally accepted methods for writing this academic paper, thanks to which, each student will be able to choose the one that he likes the most.

General Recommendation: Make the beginning concise and then gradually enlarge volume while the essence of the following paragraphs should be summarized and fit into small pieces of text.

The abstract of each new paragraph can be expanded through the following aspects:

  • Facts, statistics, and citation of relevant literature. All this may relate to one section, which is called facts and evidence;
  • Explanation of illustrating the main information with a variety of examples;
  • Adding the opinions of reputable researchers or materials that are related to the general meaning of the paper.

In addition to the above, you can use Excel and create a table that will help you better navigate the writing process. Despite the fact that this method is not widespread, it will greatly facilitate the work.

What are the advantages of this method? Working in an Excel document allows you to change the headings and the order of the various paragraphs. This eliminates the need for endless copying and rewriting. At the same time, you can apply column customization based on the relevant sections. An equally useful feature is the ability to use different colors, which will help to classify the huge volumes of materials.

It seems that we forgot to indicate another way to write an extended essay. Despite the fact that at first, it may seem obvious and simple, this method is not without a lot of advantages and consists of sketching out the schemes and notes that you will prepare in advance.
h2/Writing the Introduction of This Academic Paper

A good introductory part is key to the success of future work since it is the aspect that contributes to the first impressions and determines the course of events. The introduction of an extended essay should demonstrate the main purpose of your paper and also include information about the volume and sources from which the author will draw information to describe the studied phenomena. At the same time, this part should include basic arguments and understandings.

One of your key tasks is to preserve the structure and to have a sense of direction due to which all the narrative will develop in one rhythm while each new paragraph will be harmoniously combined with the previous one.

Despite this fact, there are some situations when the introduction can be divided into several parts that can be inserted after the completion of work on the paragraph of the conclusion.

What About the Body

The main part of the extended should contain elements:

  • research and analysis;
  • discussion by various scientists;
  • assessment of their opinions and the author’s own point of view.

How to Finish the Work

Traditionally, like any other academic paper of this genre, an extended essay ends with conclusions and analysis of everything that was mentioned earlier. This part contains notes that are closely related to all kinds of restrictions and questions that have remained unanswered.

Of course, summarizing and describing the conclusions that are based on previous studies is one of the possible options. Nevertheless, the presence of a comprehensive conclusion that fits in the last sentence is an indispensable element. Remember the significance of the conclusion for all other parts of the text. Your main task is to make it concise and clear to the audience.

The final part of your extended essay should be concise but at the same time contain all the necessary aspects and answer a number of possible questions. Of course, the ending of this paper should consist of conclusions, that are related to all the previous passages. Nevertheless, do not rush to retell everything that was written earlier. It is one of the most common mistakes.

Many students confine themselves to simply paraphrasing the main body and key ideas. On the contrary, you need to weave the beginning and ending, which contributes to a harmonious and linear narrative. Thanks to this, the conclusions will play the role of the logical ending of your paper.

A Pinch of Ideas for Extended Essay Examples

Check out a shortlist of the original topics that may become central to your future paper.

  • What is the essence of humanism?
  • What role does home play in people’s lives?
  • What are the methods for determining pantomime?
  • Ways to explaining an item ‘jerk’.
  • What are the definitions of beauty and how they differ from each other?

A Few More Topics

  • The role of symbolism in Victorian cultural phenomena.
  • What guided the conspirators before the attempt on Hitler in the war years?
  • The relationship between the repulsive and the acting force during lifting the aluminum ring with support for electromagnetic levitation.
  • Shakespeare’s versatility.
  • Correlation between soil characteristics and grape development aspects.

When It Comes to the Fine Art

  • Representatives of the Renaissance and the specifics of the art of this time.
  • How Africa influenced the work of Henry Moore?
  • Gustav Klimt and gold.
  • Vasily Kandinsky and his relationship with various colors.
  • The specificity of the Bauhaus genre.

What About the Computer Science

  • How a person is able to affect Internet security?
  • Clear and detailed analysis of the specifics of cloud systems.
  • What is the difference between Windows and Unix?
  • How MP3 files are compressed?
  • Data structures and their varieties as well as the key features of each.

Last Piece of Advice

When you are looking for an idea for the future academic paper, pay attention to a few specific aspects that should be followed. Perhaps, the most important advice is to avoid commonplace ideas that have long bored everyone and most likely you.

Next, the task is to remember that the topic should be suitable for you. The advice has in mind that the author should want to do this research, find out a lot more materials about the problem of interest and make his own contribution to the development of this area.
However, at the same time, you should not forget about the readers and pay attention to their area of interest. The last advice implies that certain points should be attractive to those who will be familiar with your academic project.

What to Do If You Can’t

Perhaps after carefully thinking through all the aspects, following clear instructions and working through various extended essay examples, writing you still have difficulty writing this paper.

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