High School vs College Essay: Main Nuances and Peculiarities


It is still difficult for you to figure out the how college differs for a high school? It’s quite understandable because these two schools call to one another. But at the same time, those who are students of a college have many more responsibilities than just those who go to high school. A lot of people claim college to have more advantages than high school. But when giving such judgments we need to take into account all the points and factors.

At the same time, we can state firmly that college will be the top place for those who:

  • Prefer to have all the options in the world ( a vast array of courses of study)
  • Want to be highly paid in the future
  • Do not mind working hard
  • Would like to take part in the most extravagant college testing
  • Are against studying everything and anything
  • Disliked their P/E lessons

Do you want to find more differences as well as discover some of the similarities? We will try to see into all the nuances and peculiarities further.

How College differs and is similar to High School?

High School College
When you are at school you are reminded about all the forthcoming tests and quizzes by your teacher in a good time. It is only you who is in charge of keeping in mind all future tests and exams. You are given a schedule at the start of the course and have to follow it. In this case, no examination will be a surprise for you, so you will have some time to prepare. Keep track of your curriculum daily after your college sessions. If you didn’t show up in the first lecture do your best to get the curriculum and other vital course information.
You are not allowed to miss any school class. You are really lucky to be able to visit every class because your final grade and Overall Grade Point Average depends a lot on this opportunity. Remembering the schedule won’t be a problem for you because your classes and their hours will be identical every day. There is no a great variety in the structure of all high school days. There are only a few times a week when college students meet certain professors. Due to these intense spaces between classes they might forget their schedule. So, a college student has to take develop his or her daily routine on his or her own. 

You can complete almost all the school assignments without anyone’s help. Their difficulty level is not so high to make you search for help from somewhere outside. To save time, money and energy a college student should exploit a designated writing service. Sometimes students get so much work that it is the only and the best choice. Moreover, the assignments students get at college are much more difficult to complete than those received at a high school. College students might be embarrassed with such new types of papers as research and term paper. There are also some new writing formats to keep like APA, Turabian, Harvard, Vancouver, Oxford and so on.
Sometimes the time spent at high school is not so valuable. Students are required to learn so many different things half of which will never be used by them for sure. Moreover, none appreciated their point of view that much. Teachers seem to be not interested in the students’ wishes and desires. The individual progress and success of every single student seems to be more important to college professors because this very factor influences the reputation and name of the college and professor in particular. The information you get is structured and narrowed.  The choice of college courses depends on the degree.
Students are prepared by teachers for future tests. To simplify the process students, solve similar problems in both homework assignments and class quizzes. Students do not know anything about what kind of information to expect in future tests. Here they have to study and revise all the material. To be successful here they’d better find a befitting method of learning.
On average a high school student should study a few hours a week. That time will be enough for him to sort through and memorize the essential material. Success in college education is impossible without corresponding skills. You cannot just learn the material mechanically or solve assignments. If your goal is to get the highest grades you should carry out your work in an analytical way.
The level of high school teacher’s professionalism leaves room for improvement. They often try to teach everything without understanding the entire material. It has very much in common with an artificial mind: they do have a lot of knowledge but do not know what to do to explain and transfer this knowledge to their students. Usually, college professors have an impressive level of knowledge. They are justly considered to be experts in the field of their interest. Every student can ask for an explanation of the material they do not get after classes.
There is always cooperation between school teachers and students’ parents as well as the discussion of your progress. This cooperation is aimed at helping and controlling their children. Sometimes it is too much and you can get annoyed with your family monitoring and watching your every step. When it comes to the terms of freedom, college differs from it in a great way. The times have changed and you have to forget about your mommy and home. It’s time to become responsible and live your own life. If you do your best to study hard you will be awarded in your future life with a successful and well-paid career.

To Sum up

Some moments make college life better than high school and backward. One way or another these two are greatly connected and each task you get there is equally important. If you feel that you do not have enough knowledge and skills to cope with your college or high school assignments, you can get online help from the best specialists in their area.

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