30 great topic sentences for your essay assignments


When we talk about topic sentences, we refer to them as a significant part of the preparation for writing your essay. The main purpose of them is to arrange your thoughts and organize each part of the future essay providing a summary for the gathered info to make it easier to grab the main point. It may seem irrelevant, but do not underestimate the power of this writing tool. You will be impressed to what extent you can simplify the writing process if you use the right sentences and approaches. In this article, we have prepared some working recommendations for coming up with your own topic sentences. But also you will find a list of 30 examples for you to use.

Topic sentence significance

These sentences are usually places at the beginning of the paragraph and inform the readers about the following content. So the next sentences should provide more details about issues stated in the first one. So in the topic sentence, you state the issue and then expand it in the following text, providing a reader with facts, statistics, examples and other additional materials. Considering this topic sentences serve as guiding points preparing the reader to the particular type of information.

Their main functions

We have already started to reveal this issue. Topic sentences mainly serve as directing marks for the reader. However, they have more than one significant purpose. First of all, they are important for you as the author of an essay. These sentences help you to arrange your thoughts and follow the plan of what you need to say in your work. They also help to detect the proper tone for each paragraph. But you have to make sure that each of them is relevant to the thesis of an essay. And also, as we already mentioned, they guide the readers to the main points of the text, gradually leading them from one thought to another without any confusion or miscommunications.

Useful recommendations

  • The topic sentence includes the catching point that will be new to the readers.
  • Your most interesting statement or the most controversial point will look better at the final paragraph of your essay. It will have a strong impact on readers and they will memorize your work, at least the final part.
  • Make your text connected and the information coherent by using transition words and phrases. They will gather all your thoughts and will make your text smooth and consistent.
  • A format with questions and answers can bring very impressive results.
  • Decorate your text with additional adjectives and adverbs. They can reinforce the mood of the whole text.

Main qualities of topic sentences

Here are the main features good topic sentences should have:

  • briefness;
  • correctness;
  • clearness.

Readers might be confused with long and unclear constructions. They do not have to know minor details. The words should be understandable with a clear meaning.

Features of bad topic sentences

Here’s what you should avoid:

  • replacing topic sentences with facts instead of presenting the opinion;
  • focusing on results only;
  • using boring phrases.

References for great topic sentences

It is okay if sometimes you cannot find inspiration and come up with relevant topic sentences. But we can aid you. Below we have presented 30 ideas for sentences you can use in your essays. They can lead you in the required direction or, if some of them are relevant to your topic, you can use them for your assignment. We have divided them into categories for more comfort.

Narrative topic sentences

  • I understood that the person was going to start a fierce debate after the final words of my friend;
  • The sunset was so inspiring that evening, so I thought I would spend the whole vacation on the beach;
  • At that very moment I understood the meaning of those words;
  • We’ve been in a lot of trouble by that time, but the life was planning something extraordinary for that weekend for us.

Argumentative topic sentences

  • If we want to secure our homes, we should install the security alarm.
  • Despite the players play the game, their coaches should take the credit for winning.
  • The story of Romeo and Juliet is so popular because of its tragic part.
  • Digital crimes are evolving along with new opportunities for sharing files via websites.

Compare & contrast topic sentences

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) basically copies the plot of Episode IV – A New Hope (1977).
  • We can easily spot the similarity between Irish drinking songs and sea shanties of pirates.
  • Black Bart and Blackbeard became pirates in different circumstances, but they both died in battles.
  • It is already a well-known fact that the image of Vikings in the cartoons is far from real historical records.

Ideas for college essays

  • During the next lecture, we will disclose the paper and its significance.
  • Abraham Lincoln is definitely among one of the most influential politicians in our country.
  • We can lower the crime rates by improving education.
  • Territory fights during the Civil War had a serious impact on the Southern areas.
  • Developing a set of significant skills can make you a real athlete.
  • My career path was determined by one of the most tragic moments in the life of my family.

Other ideas for topic sentences

  • You have to develop a range of important skills to become an effective CEO.
  • Improving education in the poor regions of the country can decrease the rates of teenage pregnancy.
  • Pollution is a result of a set of human activities and cannot be solved at once.
  • You can become a good cook while developing a set of cooking skills.
  • Discrimination is one of the most common reasons for increasing the crime level in poor areas.
  • Decorating a house needs a good eye and knowledge of the design basics.
  • There are numerous factors that cause global warming.
  • Before making any kind of investments you should do deep research of the object.
  • Dogs are not only good friends but also helpers for our mental health.
  • Getting a first child is a significant step in life.
  • Lotteries are more for entertaining rather than winning.
  • There are numerous reasons why it is important to graduate.

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