How to write a hook for a research paper: expert tips from the pros


Creating a good hook

In fact, there are many options for grabbing the reader’s attention. Here are some recommendations on how to write a hook for a research paper with a great intro part.

  • Define the essence of your paper. Academic writing does not mean you simply collect and present the facts and ideas. Your paper should offer an analytical approach to the existing thoughts and knowledge. As soon as you define how to synthesize and analyses the relevant information, you will have the essence of your paper. This is your starting point. You will be able to come up with a working hook for your text, only knowing what it is about.
  • Consider the main features of your work. Along with the essence of your paper, you should define the specification of it. Plan your paper using the information about who is your target audience, what is the suitable structure, what style and tone you should use.
  • Ask a question. This is a very effective approach as you involve the reader into the conversation by causing the thinking process in the mind of your reader. Come up with the question that suits your academic purpose and the subject of your paper. It can be either separate from the main content of the paper or the one that defines the topic and the purpose of your work. In the second case, make sure the following paragraphs will contain the answers.
  • Describe your point of view. While in the previous case, you ask the reader for the opinion, in this case, you start your paper by sharing your views on the particular problem. Make sure it is intriguing and relevant to the following content.
  • Provide facts and statistics. Your work will be estimated by people who like the expert approach. Starting your paper with relevant facts or statistics, you will display that you are aware of the current situation in the target area and know the subject. Moreover, this approach has a good psychological effect making the reader feel the significance of your research. Moreover, this is a research paper, so it is implied you know a bit more than a regular person or even your tutor at some point. In fact, you can freely use this method in other parts of your paper when this suits the context. But keep in mind that the fact and statistics you use should be taken from the respectable sources.
  • Open the paper with a relevant quote or saying. This is the same as the previous one, but it will be more suitable for humanitarian works. When you research some influence of the subject on the culture, literature and other aspects of our life, you would probably know the opinion of other people on it. Putting a quote at the beginning will demonstrate that you have done deep research, and you know how to support your thesis. The quotes can be of different types as well. You can place some words of a famous person or to take a phrase from a well-known piece of literature. Also, a relevant saying can serve the same way. The significant factor here is that the takes phrase should have relevant meaning. Do not put the words out of context and do not add them to another or an opposite meaning.
  • Start from a scene. This approach is also suitable mostly for humanitarian papers. This approach can become a great hook for your readers as most of the people like stories. Use this trick to visualize the situation in the researched field. This can be a made-up story or real events that happen to you or people you know.
  • Joke a bit. This hook can also be used in academic papers, so you do not have to exclude this method at all. The thing is many students think that if their research paper is academic writing, there is no place for humor in it. But this is just like with stories when you just turn on the reader’s imagination and set the required mood. Sure, you should be careful with jokes, as they are not appropriate in the paper that opens up a serious social topic. Or if you know that your teacher does not appreciate this. But our point here is that this can be an option too, do not eliminate its usefulness.
  • Start with your thesis statement. You will need to state your thesis in your research paper at the beginning of your work. Why not do it a hooking point as well? This will direct the reader and set the relevant mood. Moreover, you will give an understanding of what your paper is about right away.


Now you definitely know how to write a hook for a research paper. As you can see, there are many ways to start your research paper with the passage that can grab the attention of the reader an impress your tutor. And even in academic writing, there is a place for creative and humoristic approach. Choose yours!

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