When to Consider Psychology Research Topics?


Psychology has always been recognized as an interesting branch of science requiring a lot of attention from students. Along with its engaging nature, psychology is also a complex discipline that has different branches. What are the 6 fields of psychology? They are social, experimental, abnormal, developmental, comparative, and physiological psychology. Therefore, preparing a research paper on psychology may turn out to be a real challenge for students.

The main purpose of a psychology research paper is to educate people about new developments in the discussed field. That’s why such papers contain experiments, theories, arguments, and ideas. Therefore, a student must ensure that a project meets all-important requirements:

  • A comprehensive literature research
  • Serious writing effort
  • Efficient delivering ideas to the target audience
  • Understanding the experimental methods
  • Collecting and evaluating supporting evidence
  • Original content

Preparing research papers for students who study Psychology is very important. Most of them are struggling with finding a good idea since a large number of papers are published annually. While looking for the best psychology research topics, you should make sure that the idea you will pick up is interesting for your target audience.  Only if the content is appealing to it will you manage to deliver the message. The following guide will provide you with the best psychology research topics as well as tips that you can use to choose the topic successfully.

How to Select Psychology Research Paper Topic?

If you do not know what idea to pick up among numerous psychology research topics, then consider these effective tips:

  1. Start brainstorming the ideas depending on the knowledge that you have. Afterward, try to search it online involving more specific keywords. If a selected idea is valid, you will come across various scholarly papers, hence a wide choice of similar catchy ideas.
  2. Look for the comprehensive list of the ideas related to the subcategory you are interested in. As a result, you will find more hot topics in psychology rather than only one. 
  3. Study all related articles and publications that you have managed to find. Such an approach will provide you with more details on a chosen field. It is not recommended to pick up topics that are related to depression, abortion, anxiety, etc.
  4. In case you have a few topics under consideration, but you can’t decide which one to prefer, then conduct research. This way, you will access available literature and prepare a winning idea for a research paper.

Top Psychology Research Paper Topics

What are some good research topics? There are lots of them, so you need to decide on the field that you want to focus on and determine the best topic exactly for you.

Development Psychology Research Topics

Are you looking for development ideas? Here are some nice topics for inspiration:

  1. Do students who listen to music while studying show better results in exams?
  2. May media encourage people for violence and child abuse?
  3. Kids who have a well-balanced breakfast perform better at school
  4. The connection between bullying and student’s school achievements
  5. Do you agree that learning capabilities worsen with age?
  6. Older adults and better memory: perspectives
  7. What behavior is considered psychopathic in youth?
  8. Health impact on psychological development
  9. The way violence is installed in kids
  10. The role of development for tackling bullying

Social Psychology Research Topics

What are some research topics in social psychology? They are:

  1. How well can people expose lies?
  2. Is physical disability the same as a psychological disability?
  3. Online social networks prevent people from personal communication
  4. The influence of depression on cognitive development
  5. How do modern families overcome grief?
  6. The reaction of people for violation of social norms
  7. The key role of aggression on violence in current society
  8. Psychological aspects of disabled beings
  9. What may impact the person’s attitude to the religion?
  10. Nonverbal communication and verbal behavior: the people’s response to the difference between them

Cognitive Psychology Research Topics

Cognitive psychology research topics are endless and have all chances to grab the readers’ attention with the first line. Consider a few nice ideas:

  1. Top ways to improve critical abilities
  2. How do the memories affect psychological abilities?
  3. Is it possible to measure critical thinking?
  4. How can judgment affect people?
  5. Autism affects young children. Discuss.
  6. Can memory loss be recovered?
  7. The impact of ADHD on a person’s growth and development
  8. Is the use of color significant in cognitive psychology?
  9. Children and speech disorders: connection
  10. How do people bear memories?

Forensic Psychology Research Topics

This subfield of psychology encourages you to talk about criminal and legal questions:

  1. The relation between series killers and mental disorders
  2. What impacts the boost of terror groups?
  3. Teenagers: the causes of mass suicide
  4. The effectiveness of rehabilitation in prison
  5. Effective Internet policing: practical strategies
  6. What is the difference between clinical psychology and forensic psychology?
  7. What are the factors behind enhancing rates of murderers?
  8. Is YouTube an effective source of information for forensic psychologists?
  9. Mass killing in the USA: main causes
  10. Can a better upbringing prevent an individual from being a killer?

History Psychology Research Topics

This is one of the most common directions that students choose for writing a research paper. Consider popular topics for some inspiration:

  1. What are the ways to cope with stress in cancer patients?
  2. Psychology history and its usage
  3. Was Gestalt Psychology a success or failure?
  4. Psychological issues: history, causes, and possible treatment
  5. Is Socionics really effective?  
  6. The cognitive process as a revolution in psychology
  7. The relationship between psychology and mythology
  8. How is the psychological age of a person measured?
  9. The core concept of Freud and existing theories
  10. The difference between psychiatry and psychology

Clinical Psychology Research Topics

Clinical psychology aims to understand, prevent, and relieve psychologically-based distress or dysfunction, promoting healthy personal development. These are some nice ideas to consider for writing a research paper:

  1. Abusive relationships: discuss the effects
  2. The role of therapists nowadays
  3. Is family therapy efficient?
  4. Anxiety disorders in male adults
  5. How can cognitive therapy be used for treating anxiety disorders?
  6. Insomnia and its effects
  7. What factors lead to dissociative orders?
  8. Can antidepressants be recognized as the best form of therapy?
  9. How is it possible to control chronic pain via psychology?
  10. Mood and mental disorders: main differences

Experimental Psychology Research Topics

Another category that you can choose for your future research paper include such ideas:

  1. Psychological research: primary techniques
  2. The Mood Freezing concept and its implications
  3. The impact of sleep deprivation in short-term memory
  4. Psychological testing: reliability and validity concerns
  5. How does a person’s taste in music explain the personality’s features?
  6. Crucial statistical techniques for psychology. Discuss
  7. Is qualitative research more appropriate than quantitative?
  8. Do females remember numbers and words better than males?
  9. Discuss the experimental designs in terms of psychological studies
  10. Top imaging techniques for efficient brain functioning

Sport Psychology Research Topics

Are you interested in sports and psychology? Combine two approaches in your research paper:

  1. What are upcoming trends in sports psychology?
  2. The challenges that new coaches face usually
  3. What does the term “team chemistry” mean?
  4. The development of sport psychology within the last ten years
  5. The mental and physical roles of coaches
  6. How is it possible to have excellent results with good behavior while doing sports?
  7. The effective control of athletes’ emotions
  8. The top techniques of coping with players’ pressure
  9. Is the coach crucial for building a player’s self-confidence?
  10. The meaning of team chemistry for building a competitive team

Applied Psychology Research Topics

  1. What human factors impact applied psychology?
  2. Domestic abuse: what are the main effects?
  3. The concept and key features of environmental psychology
  4. Discuss main offender treatment programs
  5. Management: principles of organizational behavior
  6. The recognition of psychology
  7. How does community psychology influence the person’s psychology?
  8. The notion of applied behavior analysis
  9. Do psychology and law have any relation?
  10. Is psychology in the military significant? 

Psychology Research Topics on Depression

Depression is one of the most common issues that people currently face. That’s why talking about it enhances the chances of your research paper being read attentively.  

  1. Is it possible to diagnose depression?
  2. Depression and its types
  3. The top reasons for depression among teenagers
  4. How is it better to treat depression?
  5. Can depression be called a mental illness?
  6. Can the government suggest effective methods for overcoming depression?
  7. How can parents’ indifference cause a child’s depression?
  8. Do poor financial conditions lead to depression?
  9. What signs do signal the beginning of depression?
  10. The role of the tutors in solving students’ depression

Psychology Research Topics About Dreams

Probably most people are concerned with the meaning of dreams. You can create a research paper related to this issue and attract the reader’s attention:

  1. How are dreams connected to souls?
  2. Can dreams determine the future personality of the person?
  3. Can dreams reveal an individual’s true personality?
  4. How is it possible to transform dreams into real life?
  5. The way dreams may impact our decisions
  6. What do people often dream about?
  7. Why is dreaming crucial for brains?
  8. The effectiveness of dreaming as an exercise for the brains
  9. Why do males’ dreams seem to be more physical and violent?
  10. How do college students’ dreams differ from adolescents?

Psychology Research Topics Autism

Do you want to provide readers with valuable information? Then think about selecting some of the following ideas:

  1. The connection between environmental pressure and the rise in autism
  2. Autism: main signs and crucial symptoms
  3. How can doctors diagnose autism at the early stages?
  4. Why do people refer to autism as a spectrum?
  5. The impact of music on the autistic person’s life
  6. Are there any benefits of being autistic?
  7. What educational programs do exist for autistic people?
  8. The disadvantages of being autistic
  9. How do autistic people behave with their family members?
  10. What skills do autists bring to the jobs?

Psychology Research Topics on Social Media

With the rise in popularity of social media, your chances to appeal to an audience with a related topic are incredibly high. So, have a look at these ideas:

  1. Does social media come with more good or bad?
  2. How committing suicide is related to social media?
  3. The influence of social media on the young generation
  4. How can social media help individuals with chronic diseases?
  5. The term cyberbullying and its negative consequences
  6. Is it possible to imagine the current world without social media?
  7. The impact of social media on psychological education?
  8. Can social media break or strengthen relationships?
  9. What are the reasons for a short duration of social media relationships?
  10. Social media: advantages and disadvantages  

Psychology Research Topic for Undergraduate Students

Look at the great ideas for undergraduate students:

  1. How does childhood trauma influence the mental state?
  2. The difference in psychology approach in various countries
  3. Are school uniforms essential?
  4. Top techniques for treating mental illnesses
  5. The link between obesity and TV
  6. How can tolerance enhance mental health?
  7. Is there a connection between parental negligence and child obesity?
  8. The effect of violent music on children
  9. How to understand and prevent teenage suicide?
  10. The common problems of homeless people

Psychology Research Topic for High School Students

Do you study at high school? Then this list will be helpful for you:

  1. How is it possible to change habits?
  2. Environmental factors in causing depression
  3. What causes numerous disorders among kids?
  4. How do phobias influence a person’s individuality?
  5. The connection between depression and physical illness
  6. What are the reasons for shyness in grownups?
  7. How can social isolation cause anxiety?
  8. Why is psychological relaxation crucial?
  9. The impact of terrorism on kid’s psychology
  10. Discuss the effects of hate crimes on the modern community


What are some current issues in psychology? The most popular topics that students choose for research papers are issues related to social media, depression, terrorism, and the development of personality. You can find a few interesting ideas from this article and create unique content. 

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