Personal Statement Format: How To Handle It Successfully


It isn’t an easy task to manage the format of academic paper writing. This is an important document. Thus, you should pay attention to its format and structure.

Personal Statement: What Is It?

When you decide to enter a graduate or professional school, you need to make a statement. You need to tell a committee about yourself and give the idea of your professional experience. With a personal statement, you can boost your chances to make a good impression of the admission board. 

Your test scores, GPA, and resume letters are important to the application process. But a personal statement has more weight. It shows your story and can tell more about who you are as a personality. This is not an essay where you list your strengths. This is an opportunity to present yourself and prove your importance. You must remember it. It is more like a self-presentation, which mainly decides on your application. 

When preparing for the writing, you will get many pieces of advice. But you should sift them through. Not every recommendation that you can get applies to your particular case. The best advice here would be to reflect on your life and remember pivotal events that influenced you as a person. A personal statement is a perfect paper to tell a personal story. This is a document that contains facts absent in other application letters. 

Before submitting the paper, make sure to look through it and make the final amendments. It would also be beneficial to let your family, friends, or a professor read the paper. Thus, you will get a more objective assessment. 

Time to Format a Personal Statement Correctly

It is not so difficult to format papers. Yet, there are many small details that you have follow.

Basic Requirements

These days, the main goal is to create a readable and coherent paper. There are basic requirements that you need to follow. They relate to the format of the paper. These aren’t obligatory in some cases, but you still need to pay attention to them. 

Remember to adhere to the word count. Usually, a personal statement would take no more than 1-2 pages. There are specific requirements re; aged to every other department. You cannot be 100% sure that you’re doing the right thing unless you read the requirements. There you will get if it is necessary to submit additional materials or not. The rules can differ often, and you need to follow these changes. 

The content isn’t the only pivotal aspect of your statement. Writing is what matters a lot, as well. Your text should be error-free and convey the ideas consistently. To provide a striking statement, make sure to read the prompts beforehand. You should write down the ideas to have the material to choose from. 

Don’t be in a rush with editing. It would help if you practiced it a bit later. If you check the text right after the actual writing, you can miss obvious mistakes. Take your time and edit the paper at least in an hour. This way, you will check the vocabulary and grammar to present the paper without any mistakes. Otherwise, the selection committee will think you are a careless student and paid little attention to the preparation. 

Another tip is to ask your friend or a family member to read and tell if this is a real personal statement. Things may turn out in such a way that your writing doesn’t reflect your personality. In this case, your task is to rewrite the paper. 

Make a Strong Statement

The truth is that you aren’t the only candidate. There are hundreds of other students willing to get their application accepted. The selection committee receives personal statements daily, and it is important to stand out among other students. You cannot do much to attract attention to your paper. But there is an efficient method which is to make an attention-grabbing introduction. Here it is important to balance the interest, intrigue, and confusion. If you exaggerate the facts, your writing will look awkward and can divert the reader. Thus, be careful and keep a single engaging tone for the whole paper. 

The Types of Personal Statements

There are 2 major types of statements. The first one is directed more on who you are in general. In this case, your task is to tell in more detail about yourself. To be true, this is a complex task. If you use cliches, you make the situation even worse. Make it unique and try to explain what are your particular goals for the future. 

There’s also another personal statement type that touches upon your academic interests. This type aims to analyze your train of thought and the patterns you use when considering an issue. Here you should be honest and write in a comprehensive manner. 

Here are the most common questions that you are likely to answer:

  • What is the reason why you pursue education? 
  • Why do you take an interest in a particular program?
  • Do you have ideas for future scientific research? 
  • What is your global career goal? 

In your statement, you shouldn’t answer these questions directly. This would be the wrong choice. Your task is to touch upon these questions and give your thoughts about it. Be honest and show a real motivation to get accepted. If the selection committee sees your interest, it will be interested in your candidacy, too. 

Useful Tips to Know Before Writing

Usually, we use some hints rather than only instructions to create amazing papers. Our writers made a list of the most useful tips for writing a personal statement.

Jot Down Several Examples

You are most likely sending your statements to several schools. But these papers can not be identical. You have to tailor each paper to a particular ar school. This way, you will target the selection committee and have better chances to get YES. 

Research as Much as You Can

Before writing a paper, research some information about the school and, what’s more important, about the program you apply to. Having learned at least some basic information about the institution, you will impress the admission committee. 

Avoid Repetitions

When applying to a school, you provide several documents. The information can repeat. Thus, you should minimize these repetitions. Try to send the documents that can demonstrate your personality from different sides. 


Remember the one thing: a personal statement is not just a resume. You have to pay more attention to this document since admission officers check it more precisely. Write and format it carefully or ask professionals to help. Our team is always on the line to assist with personal statements.

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