What you should know about MIT transfer acceptance rate


One of the best educational institutions in the world is the MIT or The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Many students dream to get MIT transfer application and study there. But their requirements are pretty high and the demand is high as well. So only the extraordinary skills and knowledge can open you the door to this institute.

You should prepare to raise your chances to get there. It requires years of study and improving skills that are crucial for school graduates. In this article, you will learn about the acceptance rate and the requirements for students. Also, we will disclose some tips to improve your chances.

How to get into MIT: basic rules

At first, let’s take a look at the applying procedure. The main difference is that MIT has its own application system called MyMIT. You should send your application online. The Institute does not apply a common and general application. So you should keep this in mind.

However, the MIT application asks for the same info as other types of applications. You should provide biographical data, a list of your school achievements and activities related to the majors of MIT. You also should provide recommendations from your teachers and write an essay.

Also for MIT transfer admissions, you will probably pass the interview with the member of the MIT Educational Council. It can help elsewhere or even via Skype in case the meeting is not possible in your area. As soon as you submit and pass the first two stages of application, the representative of MIT will contact you to arrange the interview.

To make sure you do everything correct, check the current MIT requirements for the information you should provide and the essay to write. Here’s the basic checklist:

– Bibliography info;

– List of activities and achievements;

– Teacher’s recommendation;

– Secondary School Report (SSR) with high school transcript;

– SAT or ACT; and two SAT Subject Tests;

– February Updates & Notes Form.

How hard is it to get into MIT?

As we already stated, MIT is one of the most popular institutes and MIT transfer acceptance rate is about 6.7%, so only the 7 applicants out of the 100 will be accepted. This fact means you have to do your best to enter this place. It is very competitive to get the place and study there. The basic requirements for students to be accepted are the perfect grates, high test scores, great essay and very positive and meaningful recommendations from schools. And even then there is no guarantee you will be accepted as even the slightest difference in score can be crucial.

MIT transfer requirements

Now let’s speak more about the requirements for MIT transfer students. According to the statement of the MIT mission, they are connected by the purpose of making the world better using education, innovations, and researches. They want to see among new student creative, elite and talented students who are obsessed in a good way with what they study.

  • Students who want to study at MIT should be intelligent and be able to think outside the box. Make sure you can stand out of the crown among other smart and creative young people who like technology and want to change the world to the better.
  • You should love discovering new things and innovations. Only students who are looking for the discoveries and recognition will get a chance at MIT. If this is what can motivate and drive your personal and professional development, then you can apply.
  • Do not limit yourself to the one particular profile as you have plenty of opportunities there. All you need is to be talented and highly intellectual and you will find your place at MIT and technology community.

How to get into MIT grad school: tips

But there is more useful data for you about MIT transfer. Apart from the mentioned requirements, you can raise your chances to get to MIT using the tips described below. Keep in mind that entering this educational institution can be hard but it is possible if you will do your best and use every possible opportunity.

  • Showcase your unique identity features. MIT loves individuals who can offer something new to the community. Use the essay task to tell about your achievements, life goals and other aspects that can be interesting to the decision-makers. Do not be afraid to mention a bit weird but still interesting things you do.
  • Raise your academic level. Hugh scores at school and during the entering tests are very important. So, start preparing for them as soon as possible. Discipline yourself to work hard and to over score other applicants. Show that you can do your best on the way to the academic success up to the MIT transfer deadline.
  • Use the essay options to the fullest. This is an opportunity to tell about your achievements, goals and other remarkable features of your personality. You can tell a story that had a crucial impact on your life or to describe your dreams and what you peruse.
  • Describe why you want to get the education. This is also about life gals, as we said, in MIT they look for people who want to contribute to making the world a better place to live. Start with the available opportunities at school or somewhere else where you can be the first steps towards your goals and dreams.
  • Focus on what you are the best at. There is no need to have achievements at any subject at school. Develop your personal and intellectual skills that will help you to become suitable to the MIT community. Be great at something one.

How to get into MIT with bad grades?

Sure, there is nothing impossible in life. And if you will be able to impress the MIT decision-makers with something that is not connected to your school grades – you definitely will have a chance.

But according to MIT transfer statistics, grades play a crucial part in most applications. So, use the available time to improve your grades as much as you can.

Do not focus solely on transfer to MIT

Of course, if you are completely sure that your results will give you a 100% chance to enter MIT – go ahead! But do not rely solely on this option. You can be accepted to some other great colleges that will be happy to help you in developing your professional skills. This is a thing you should realize considering the MIT transfer rate.

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