An Impromptu Speech Topics And Key Points Of Writing


An impromptu speech is an oration that a person delivers immediately without a preparation stage. It supposes that a speaker is aware of the subject and talks to the audience like holding a conversation with another person.

The advantages of this speech are:

  • boosting your communication skills;
  • polishing clarity and creativity of thinking;
  • public speaking practicing;
  • opportunity to add the topic that you want to discuss;
  • using the supporting facts from your life;
  • expressing your thoughts directly and honestly.

However, there are disadvantages in this type of speech too. An impromptu speaker:

  • has almost no time to formulate the idea (only up to three minutes for gathering the thoughts);
  • may miss the details and supporting information;
  • may omit the content without leading questions and support of the audience.

While representing an impromptu speech:

  • make a three-parts plan (introduction, body text, and conclusion) and consider the content briefly;
  • write down the supporting words in a textbook or tablet;
  • focus on the vital points, omitting the minor ones;
  • stop timely when after saying all planned parts;
  • use the tactic of summarizing or paraphrasing if you feel lost in your text during the speech delivering;
  • speaking confidently, stating yourself as an authority in the field.

An impromptu is applicable in public speaking training, debate competitions. Meanwhile, it is a rare case for events that require an accurate disclosure of supporting material formally. Usually, people who know more than an audience get an impromptu speech initiative. Therefore, relax! 

Topics For Impromptu Speech

There is an overwhelming amount of topics to choose from for providing an impromptu speech. Pick up an idea from the list:

  • poor health starts with the mind;
  • team sport creates forceful personalities;
  • brain causes of the poverty;
  • social networks destroy the feeling of happiness in people;
  • advantages of forbidding children to watch TV;
  • the crucial feature to begin a startup;
  • parents and their influence on the life of a child;
  • the necessity of school education;
  • the keys to success in business;
  • the smartest hero of cartoons;
  • having dinner with a celebrity;
  • ways to save money;
  • the most dangerous food;
  • allowing smoking in public places;
  • buying accommodation is better than renting;
  • robots will replace labor ship in the next century;
  • hardworking is a path to luxury life;
  • online friendship will never replace a real-life company;
  • subjects you never study at school;
  • pets help to relieve stress;
  • tips to become a professional blogger;
  • ways of quick learning;
  • motivation as a powerful engine for achievements;
  • the necessity of attire at studying establishments;
  • sense of humor is a notional life skill;
  • the difference between intelligence and wisdom;
  • becoming a perfect husband;
  • the funniest gifts you have ever got;
  • the increased level of crimes due to violent video games;
  • taxes for churches and religious organization is obligatory.

As you can see, there are dozens of impromptu speech topics to discuss. The topic varies depending on the purpose of the meeting. You can explore the scientific themes briefly for college classes or choose a relaxing topic for a casual atmosphere. 

Example Of The Impromptu Speech

Here is an example of an impromptu speech on the topic «Who pays for a date.»

It is a commonly accepted perception that women should not pay on a date. However, who does not enjoy dining at someone else’s expense? Most women expect this beneficial gesture from a man. Let’s observe the foundation of this theory.

A man is willing to enjoy a company of a lady, her charm, grace, and sense of humor. It means that he should pay for her company. That is a logical approach. But what if they suddenly met and decided to have a meal together? Many men do not allow ladies to share the bill, considering it tasteless. Most ladies think that covering the check offends a man. So, men and women both agree that man always pays.

However, modern time brings new tendencies. Today, many women are financially independent and can allow themselves to cover the meal costs. I see nothing wrong with it. 

The roles of genders and sexual equality are a thorny issue nowadays. The theory of paying men turns me back to the old traditions: men were paying because women could not afford it. On the other hand, a paying woman demonstrates her independence. She says by her gesture that she is not interested in developing any further relationship with this man, except for the business, fellowship, and other uninvolved commitments. She does not want to accept his care and to give it in turn.

On the level of nature, we realize that covering the fees rests on the initiator. So when you hear «Darling, let’s have a snack,» you get a signal that he will pay. I think that a couple should discuss this issue tactfully at the beginning without expectations.

A woman should pay if she wants to feel equal with a man, supposing friendship only between them. If two people love each other and plan a relationship, the financial responsibility must lay on the man always and only.

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