APA Term Paper Format


The general formatting rules usually do not differ from each other in different formats. The APA style is no exception. If you are currently getting familiar with the methods of creating a term paper sample, then these guidelines will serve you in two ways. Nonetheless, it is important to note that this format does have an innovative aspect in the monotonous domain of indentations and margins. Term paper examples include the effect of interest rates on economic growth and the relationship between drugs and teen delinquency. Such papers should follow the following the following rules:

  • Typically, the text is written/typed on a normal white paper that has the standard limits of 8.5 inches by 11 inches.
  • The APA format needs the use a simple to read font, and it recommended that one uses 12pt Times New Roman font.
  • Double spacing is typically used on both the cover page and across the entire paper.
  • The margins should be confined to an inch on each side of a paper.
  • The indentation of paragraphs should be set to 1.5” from page’s left side.
  • The distinguishing feature is in the creation of a special header on the page that is comprised of the page number along with the running head typed using the upper case.

Format of term paper outline

Title page: Each term paper, aside from MLA, begins with a title page. APA focuses on the creation of the cover page. Whereas the rules are simple, they are strict. The paper’s title is centered on the pager; this done with the consideration of the margins and is situated in the middle of the vertical axis.

  • The title may have as many characters, and words as the writer require but the APA style recommends not more than 12 words and to avoid useless abbreviation and information.
  • One should be mindful of adhering to double spacing, and the author’s name is placed beneath the title. The author’s name should not have any formalities like Mr. or Ph.D. and should have just the first and last name.
  • The same rules apply to the name of the institution which the writer is representing in the paper.
  • The running head has a shortened name of the title, the header of the title page contains the terms “Running head” which is proceeded by a colon and the shortened title written similarly as before.

Abstract: The abstract is another distinguishing feature of an APA term paper since other styles do not usually recommend the use of an abstract. The objective of an abstract is to act as the introduction to the idea the author is discussing, a summary of questions investigated by the author, and the method which the author used to arrive at the answers. It is comprised of all usual information like describing any special words and terms and in-explicit abbreviations. In regards to the technical perquisites, the abstract page begins with the term “Abstract” which is centered on the page and written in the 12pt Times New Roman font. It is then followed by text that is not intended and does not go beyond 250 words to act as a summary of the main points of the paper, and any key types are typed in italics. The abstract page helps the paper to be discovered in searches and facilities the reader with a short overview of what the paper is talking about.  

Body: The APA format follows the traditional guidelines of using essay-from while typing the research work. The body’s text can have many sections or paragraphs as the writer desires, but only on the condition of reinforcing the notion by answering questions associated with the topic. The start of the body also starts with the name of the term paper, which must not be italicized, underlined, or bold.  To enable the clear identification of every section, the APA style suggests centering the heading of paragraphs in bold font. 

References and Text Citation: The APA style does not differentiate from the other styles in regards to the theme of citation guidelines. The manual is keen to remind writers on the importance of academic honesty and urges that the writer cites other works properly. The style also applies the use of in-text citations. Such a citation is put in the parenthesis where the author’s name and publication year of the cited section is stated. The information has to be similar in the reference list. The formatting of the reference list is done in the following way.

  1. The list is indented 1.5 inches from the left margin.
  2. The reference list should be inserted in alphabetical order by listing the last name of the authors and can identify up to 7 authors by first typing their last names and then the initial of the first name.
  3. The publication year should then follow the names of the authors in parenthesis.
  4. After the name of the reference, the page numbers or volume of the referenced work is inserted in parenthesis.
  5. The last step is to state where the source was found, that is, the web-page where the work was obtained.

The APA style has several rules to enable the precise editing of term papers. This guideline do not entail unnecessary efforts. Instead it ensures the correct and effective formatting of typed research that assists both the author and reader to arrive at a mutual inference

MLA Term Paper Format

The Modern Language Association (MLA) is an institution the one that developed the MLA format. The MLA style was created as a way for researchers, scholars, and students in the language and literature disciplines to use as a universal method to format the assignments and papers. This consistent, or universal, style to creating an MLA term paper makes it easy for a person to read. Currently, MLA is not only applied to language and literature paper as other disciplines have also adopted it.

Features of an MLA Term Paper

Margins: With the excpetion of the continuos header, the margins should be left 1” at each ends of the paper and both sides of the text. If one plans to print the work on paper whose dimension is larger than 8.5” x 11”, the text should not be typed in a section larger than 6.5” by 9”.

Text Formatting: One should always opt for text that is easily readable (typically 12pt Times New Roman). The writer should not rationalize the lines of the text at the margin situated on the right side. It is advisable to switch off the default hyphenation setting of the word processor. The whole term-paper should be double-spaced and include notes, quotations, and the list of works cited. The paragraph’s first line should be intended 0.5 inches from the left margin. Likewise, set-off quotations should be indented 0.5”. Typically, one space should be left following a punctuation mark that concludes the sentence in the case that the instructor does not specify anything.

Title and Heading: Starting 1” from the upper section of page one and in alignment with the left margin, the author should type his/her name, and then the name of the instructor, the name of the course he/she is taking, as well as the date placed on different lines which are double-spaced. On a novel line which is double-spaced, the title should be centered. The title should not be formatted in italics and underlines, further, it should not feature quotation marks and upper-case letters. The writer has the choice to italicize the text as required in the body. The writer should not apply the use of a period after the title or following the heading in work (for example, Works Cited). The paper should start on a novel page and should be double-spaced. Further, the line that starts the paragraph should be indented 0.5’ from the left margin. A term paper does not usually require a title page; however if the essay is written by a group, a title page should be created, whereby each writer is are listed on it rather on the header on the essay’s first page. If the instructor needs a title page as well as a header, it should be formatted in accordance with the instructions of the essay.

Running Head that features the page Numbers: All pages should be numbered in consecutive order across the paper in the top right corner of the page; the space should be 0.5” from the top and aligned with the margin on the right side. One should type his /her surname, and then create a space before typing the page number. An abbreviation should not be used prior to writing the page number. To that extent, the word processor will most likely enable you to develop a running head of this type that appears on each page automatically. One should follow the instructor’s preference since some tutors prefer that the first page should be with a running head.

Placement of the Works Cited List: The works cited list is inserted in the last section of an essay, following the endnotes if any. The list uses a similar running head as the primary text. The numbering of pages in the running goes on throughput without any interruption. For instance, if the text of the term paper (which includes the endnotes) ends on page 5, then the works-cited list starts on page 6. The word “Works Cited” should be centered 1: from the upper section of the first page. The heading should be “Work Cited” if the list has only a single entry. The space that divides the first entry and paper’s title must be depicted in double-space. Each entry should start aligned with the left margin; if a sentence occupies two or more lines, the preceding line should be indented or lines of 0.5” from the margin on the left. The style is at times referred to as the hanging indentation, and the word processor can be set so that it can automatically create it for a set of paragraphs. The hanging indentation simplifies the use of the alphabetical list. The list should be double-spaced.

Summary of Section

The guideline of how to develop an apa format term paper is the most discrete part of each formatting style. The above formart of term paper outline shows APA has its own discrete format.

How to Write A Term Paper in APA Formart

A term paper formart sample is useful in helping you to learn how to create the style. A stduent should constantly look at samples to farmilizrize him/herself with the style, that is, how to apply the different styles of citation in the essay.

Importance of APA

It is perceived that the APA format term paper is in touch with the major formatting styles used in the world and does not place emphasis on many irrelevant guidelines. The style is relevant in a multitude of disciplines.

How to Format a Term Paper

The running head introduction brings both the reader and writer back to the primary idea of the paper visually. In all other aspects, the APA style is the same as other formats with the exception of one puts in-text citations and the reference list.

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