Comprehending the Definition of a Descriptive Essay

Definition of a Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is a short assignment in which you describe or summarize something on the topic. Unlike in writing a usual argumentative essay, you don’t have to gather responses from different people. A descriptive essay is typically less than one page. It usually doesn’t take too much time to write it. Sometimes you may not have even that time, so if you would like your descriptive essay to be written by an expert writer in several hours, you should contact an online writing company and place an urgent order. You will get an impressive essay at a moderate price.

A descriptive essay is considered the simplest academic task. In this essay, you don’t need to gather proof of details.

You shouldn’t mix a descriptive essay with a usual description. When you just need to describe a thing in detail, you write what is necessary, be it one paragraph or longer. When you write a descriptive essay, it should contain five paragraphs as a typical essay. A descriptive essay includes an introduction, a strong thesis, three usual body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

This article would be useful for anyone whose task is to write a descriptive essay. It is meant to help you to write top-notch A-grade essays if you are a college student. 

For example, if you need to write a descriptive essay about some particular place, you should share your impressions about visiting that place, be it a little town or a magnificent country. In this article, you will find out how to write a descriptive essay depending on its type.

Learn to Write an Excellent Descriptive Essay

If you want to understand well how to write different types of descriptive essays, you should study professional examples. Descriptive essays can be classified into several groups according to the issue they describe:

  • A descriptive essay in which you describe a person. Describing a person is more difficult. Your description might include telling about behavior, mood, appearance, other qualities of the particular person.
  • A descriptive essay in which you describe a place. When you are writing this type of essay, your main task is to understand what focus of the paper is. One of the best ways to write such an essay is to give a vivid description of a breathtaking sight. The reader should feel the power of nature or the largest and most developed city in the world.
  • A descriptive essay in which you describe an event. In it, you can write about your birthday party, a trip to another continent or a music festival.
  • A descriptive essay in which you describe an animal. In it, you can describe any animal you like or sometimes associate yourself with.
  • A descriptive essay in which you describe an occupation. In such essays, students write about their dream job. It might be useful if, later, you are going to write a job resume or an admission essay.
  • A descriptive essay in which you describe someone’s behavior. It might be a wonderful chance to describe the extraordinary behavior of your best school friend.

In your essay, you can describe whatever you want; your main goal will be to do it professionally because it is an academic paper.

In case you still can’t for some reason or don’t know how to write a descriptive essay, you can rely on the help of professional writers.

The Structure of a Typical Descriptive Essay

The structure of a descriptive essay depends on its topic. If you write about an object or a person, you don’t have to adhere to strict chronological borders. If you describe a place, you should adhere to a certain order of meaningful events. There’s no need to look for many sources or do thorough research. You should write about what you felt or feel.

Thoroughly work on the scenes of your essay. Try to use the following method to succeed in writing a magnificent descriptive essay. Divide a separate sheet of paper into five columns, which will be for five human senses. A really good descriptive essay should rely on every one of the senses (sight, sound, taste, smell, touch) so that the reader could feel a wide spectrum of human emotions that can be associated with the selected topic. Certain topics are more associated with feelings. You should focus on those feelings when you describe the whole issue.

Write a brief outline of your descriptive essay. The outline will be your roadmap for your writing process. It doesn’t matter where you study – at school or in college; you are expected to write a typical five-paragraph essay. A descriptive essay is a creative writing project. You include in a standard outline five paragraphs, as usual (the introduction, 3-4 body paragraphs, the conclusion). A reference page is not obligatory in a descriptive essay. Though if you use someone else’s experience, you should add significant sources.

An Exact Formula for a Descriptive Essay

  • Begin from the prewriting stage. Make sure you have a distinct image of the thing, event, or person you want to describe. Research all available sources to see whether they have all the essential information on the chosen topic. If you have experience in this certain field, it would be a great benefit. Concentrate on your five senses (smell, taste, other senses, etc.), create a further plan of writing.
  • You start writing with an interesting hook that will momentarily catch the reader’s attention. It can be a proverb, an interesting quote, a metaphor, or a good joke. 
  • Write a draft of your descriptive paper. Write whatever may come to your mind. Later you will organize the structure of your essay and shorten your sentences. Your primary task is to write a distinct description that will bring a clear mental image to the surface of imagination. If you manage to do it skillfully, you are a good narrator and can write a high-quality descriptive essay. 
  • Enrich your vocabulary by using online dictionaries. By doing that, you will not only add more expressive details to the description; you can also add various adverbs. When you write your paper, you should pay attention to the language. If your language is lyrical but distinct, you will manage to express your feelings clearly. To do that, you will have to use a lot of various adjectives.
  • Proofread your essay. You can use different online grammar checkers. Check if the structure of your essay is optimal. Are the sentences arranged in the best way, or can they can anything be improved? Have you used appropriate transition words or phrases? Write all the sources that you used to describe the topic. Your descriptive essay should follow your teacher’s guidelines.
  • Edit your descriptive paper. Make sure your essay contains no mistakes in grammar, punctuation, or spelling. If there are any mistakes, you should correct them. If your essay is well written, that contributes to a favorable impression. 
  • Evaluate your work as if you are a critic. Show the final draft of your descriptive essay to an expert to have it checked. You might also need to add some more details to your description for the picture to be as lively as possible.

Answer the following questions to make sure you wrote everything correctly, and your descriptive essay is professional:

  • Did you use a lot of details so that your readers could imagine a vivid picture?
  • Are all significant descriptive details present in your essay? Have you missed any?
  • Are there any unnecessary details or too verbose constructions in your essay that can be omitted or replaced by more important information?
  • Do you focus on one aspect in every paragraph of your descriptive essay?
  • Do you like the way your paragraphs are arranged? Can they be arranged more efficiently? Are they connected with the help of appropriate transitional words and expressions?

20 Topics for a Descriptive Essay

  1. Is Mother Teresa, worthy of respect? Why?
  2. Why does your role model behave the way he (she) does?
  3. Give a detailed psychological description of your worst enemy.
  4. Describe the best place for the meeting of old classmates.
  5. Write about an amazing trip during your winter holidays.
  6. What is your favorite hobby that are you passionate about?
  7. What place is the best in the world?
  8. Describe your dream wedding (or your friend’s wedding).
  9. Write about your first trip abroad.
  10. Describe the novel you’ve read.
  11. Write about your visit to a restaurant that you remember best of all.
  12. Write about the way your grandparents met their guests.
  13. Write about your favorite and the most impressive time of the year.
  14. Write about your favorite painting.
  15. Describe the town you like to visit most often.
  16. Describe the party you liked most of all in your life.
  17. Write about the latest music festival that took place in your town (city, country).
  18. Describe the job of your dreams.
  19. Describe the person that saved your life.
  20. Describe your first good mark at school.

To write descriptive essays successfully and to get the highest grades, you should remember the main characteristics of a descriptive essay:

  • The language of the essay is definite and clear;
  • Vivid descriptions that are like images are used;
  • Use your five senses, i.e., create a picture with the use of five sentences to create a vivid description.

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