What Are Communication Research Topics?


The best communication research topics come from people’s everyday lives and are related to the things they see, hear, and constantly do. The development of new technologies has a great impact on the way people are interacting with each other. As a result, the communication discipline comes up with numerous interesting but complex areas, making a selection of communication research topics quite challenging. If you are looking for relevant ideas for crafting a unique paper with engaging content, consider this collection of grouped topics into categories.

Top Communication Research Topics

What are the areas of communication research? There are many areas that you can choose from to provide readers with really interesting ideas. Among them are business communication, mass communication, virtual communication, etc. It is recommended to decide on the direction you will move on and then select a topic you are comfortable with. What are some communication topics? Here they are. Read them and think which one will be interesting for you to research and create relevant content.

Business Communication Research Topics

Business-related communication ideas are dealing with corporates, investors, and customers. You can choose any of them if you are interested in this field:

  1. How to create a balance between downward and upward communication?
  2. Techniques for efficient business communication
  3. How to write a winning business letter?
  4. External communication: the way to cope with it effectively
  5. Public relations and corporate communication
  6. Managing the organizational uncertainty
  7. Business to business communication
  8. Key features and symbols of efficient business communication
  9. Important practical communication skills for profit increasing
  10. Corporate social responsibility communication

Development Communication Research Topics

This is another direction that you can focus your efforts on:

  1. Radio programs on family planning and their effectiveness
  2. Mass media as the tool for reaching millennium development goals
  3. How can social media prevent the spread of the Ebola virus?
  4. Preventing early pregnancies with the help of mass media
  5. Mass media and diminishing the maternal deaths
  6. How can the media boost profitability?
  7. Role of audio drama for decreasing HIV among young people
  8. The influence of cartoon programs on aggressive behavior
  9. Role of print media in increasing awareness in the community
  10. Restricting the spread of COVID-19 with efficient media tools

General Communication Research Topics

If you can’t decide what communication area to choose, then this list will surely give you some inspiration:

  1. New communication technologies
  2. The reasons for radio popularity through the ages
  3. The development of video blogs and predictions for upcoming years
  4. Place of virtual reality in current media
  5. The role of bloggers and influencers in social media
  6. How to decrypt the media messages?
  7. Freedom of speech and its impact on media
  8. What is the history of communication development?
  9. The place of social networks in the up-to-date world
  10. The key principles of journalism ethics

Interpersonal Communication Research Topics

These topics are related to the communication between two or more individuals. Among the issues are:

  1. Interpersonal communication competence
  2. Culture of the country and the communication traditions
  3. Development of personal and social relationships in the context of communication
  4. The influence of emotions on communication between people
  5. How gender impacts the interpersonal communication
  6. Verbal and language communication: what barriers exist
  7. What conflicts can grow from interpersonal communication
  8. Why is listening crucial in communication?
  9. Nonverbal communication and its effectiveness
  10. Interpersonal communication and available barriers

Mass Communication Research Topics

Research topics that are related to mass communication, are including the following ideas:

  1. The development and key features of private media ownership
  2. Democracy and mass media nowadays
  3. The role of mass media for business rebranding
  4. What dangers are the journalists facing in modern society?
  5. Can print media be called competitive?
  6. What challenges does freedom of the press face in different countries?
  7. Digital media and its impact on a person’s point of view
  8. The impact of the Internet on media standards and ethics
  9. Private broadcasting & state broadcasting
  10. The effectiveness of phone-in programs

Social Media Research Topics

These topics are very popular these days. Here are some ideas for your inspiration:

  1. A case study on crime and social media
  2. The safety issues on social media
  3. How does social media affect academic progress?
  4. The spread of news on social media platforms
  5. The role of social media for the progress of piracy and plagiarism
  6. Is it possible to get rid of spam on social media platforms?
  7. The connection between social media and depression
  8. The number of the faked profiles is growing these days
  9. Is broadcast media replaced with social media?
  10. Does social media impact the person’s productiveness?

Intercultural Communication Research Topics

In case you are interested in intercultural topics, then these ideas will be efficient for you:

  1. The effectiveness of intercultural assessment
  2. How can studying abroad contribute to intercultural communication competence
  3. Translation as one of the forms of intercultural dialogues
  4. Intercultural communication & teaching culture
  5. Practical techniques for intercultural dialogue practice
  6. The student’s adaptation to a foreign campus
  7. Lox-context and high-context cultures: discussion of an intercultural perspective
  8. Available artifacts in the context of intercultural data exchange
  9. The ways of intercultural information exchange
  10. Ethnic –minority patients & healthcare providers: existing health-related issues 


Writing a paper on communication research topics may be interesting. However, it requires time and effort. That’s why you are recommended to decide not only on a topic but the best approach that fits it perfectly. In other words, you should be ready to study numerous relevant resources of information to impress your tutor with a high-quality project and excellent arrangement of all your ideas. 

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