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It might seem easy to answer a certain question. However, it may take a lot of effort and time if a student must do it in the written form, utilizing personal ideas, course materials, and credible sources. It does not mean only to say “yes” or “no”. For this process, you will need proficiency skills. What are they? Reading this article, you will get to know how to write a good DBQ essay with examples and professional tips.

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What Is a DBQ Essay?

DBQ is an abbreviation that stands for the document-based question. Generating a DBQ essay, you should provide the reader with a clear question of the document. Answering in a one-sentence is never enough here. Here are the examples that students might face during AP exams.

Get ready to get to know what is the best way to compose a DBQ essay if you are planning to pass one of these exams. For instance, you might be assigned to explain a certain historic event. Teachers give the sources (documents to utilize as pieces of evidence) to students who are going to pass these exams. The vast majority of the students are not aware of how to begin the DBQ essay. Read on this guide to find out how to compose a DBQ essay for AP European History and more subjects.

Why and How to Write a DBQ Essay?

The essay assists in putting an individual in a historian’s shoes. It evaluates and analyzes the writer’s ability to:

  • Produce a strong thesis statement.
  • Back up the thesis with facts from the document.
  • Analyze sources to find out the next features: context, target audience, goals of the study, writer’s point of view.
  • Compare the data with other documents and draw parallels.
  • Add extra knowledge to make the main claim stronger.

Does it sound difficult? Just imagine a case where your friend asks you to give them a piece of advice, selecting the brand of the mobile device. They will need more than a subjective opinion for sure. He or she will make up their mind based on the next features:

  • Your friend’s opinion
  • Online reviews
  • The price
  • Expert’s opinion
  • Ads and Commercials
  • The price of other possible options

Whatever the topic of the essay is, as soon as you finish with the analysis of the source, do these next things:

  • Assess the target audience.
  • Evaluate bias.
  • Analyze your friend’s context of the decision.

This paper type is the easiest way to get high grades on the AP exams. It consists of 25% of the total mark.

Stick to this checklist in order to catch up with each section:

  • Source analysis
  • Thesis
  • Synthesis
  • External evidence

You can score up to 7 points. Based on them, look at the essay’s outline.

How to Write a DBQ Essay Outline?

Writing a DBQ paper outline is completely another thing to do if it comes to other college essay types. Here is a possible outline structure for you to benefit:

  1. Argument and Thesis. Develop a historically plausible, concise, and clear thesis and place it in an introduction or opening sentence. Show the relationship between certain historical factors.
  2. Document analysis. Utilize 6-7 of recommended sources in the essay. Make a document’s in-depth analysis. Make an analysis of one of the next points:

– Author’s goals

– Author’s opinion

– Target audience

– Historical context

  1. Outside evidence. The student might receive a single point for the context. He or she gets another one if they are able to name additional examples that are related to the thesis statement. If you are not able to recall one, do not freeze up. Cite your sources utilizing APA or MLA citation formats.
  2. Synthesis. Relate the thesis statement about a certain historical epoch to a certain movement, location, or time.

How to Start a DBQ Essay?

It is simple to get to know how to begin a DBQ paper, based on the outline.

  • Generate a thesis statement, offering answers to each part of the question and historically defensible claim. The size of the thesis statement should be less than 3 sentences.
  • Support and create a cohesive argument, recognizing the historical complexity. Show relationships among the historical pieces of evidence like corroboration and contradiction.

Grab Free DBQ Essay Example Online

As soon as you might receive your prompt, read the rubric of grading. It is important to realize what the expectations of your instructor are and which part of the essay is the most critical. When you write, try to skip little details. Note that you should demonstrate the overall historical literacy to your teacher. Utilize the required documents, develop a thesis, and take notes when studying the question.

Study on the free examples of DBQ essays by experts before the exam.

American Revolution DBQ Essay

Looking through the DBQ example essays, you will get to know the teacher’s expectations from you more clearly. For example, you may check out the following DBQ essay about the impact of the Renaissance on the American revolution. So the questions like “How to write a DBQ essay?” will disappear. Read on the following article to find your answers:

The renaissance historical era might be also called a re-birth. It was a time of cultural reformation of the community ideals. People suffered from famine, lived in fear, and were tired of war. They understood that Greece and Ancient Rome were examples of wealthy and civilized societies. Therefore, the movement has begun with education goals.
This time of modifications has begun in Italy in the XIV century. Then it was spread to the Northern part of Europe. People who lived in other world parts were also inspired by the ideas of the renaissance. One of the ideas of this movement was the possibility to express your thoughts, earn the respect of other people, get enough food, and do certain things to live a prosperous life.
The school system was concentrated on studying rhetoric, philosophy, literature, and grammar. The importance of teaching the students of the right way of behavior in certain situations was ignored. Students at universities were prepared for grown-up life. Today the situation is totally different. It was useless to attend the universities of Renaissance time because the studying was held in Latin (it was a dead language). So, the graduates of universities of that time had no skills for life.
The vast majority of time was devoted to art in these institutions. At that time, the profession of the artist was among the most paid so it was such a right choice to study in Europe. With education, the chances to find a wealthy patron were higher.
Shipbuilding was one more important academic discipline. It assisted in erasing the trade barriers, increasing trade activities, and making people travel all around the globe. Shipbuilding helped, therefore, bring valuable profit. The biggest amount of intelligent and gifted bankers and merchants lived in Florence. The peak of Renaissance-era is associated with this city.
The epoch of the Renaissance in America was a different one. The fight for freedom was the common feature between the American Revolution and the Renaissance in Europe. The Afro-American citizens of America were inspired by the Renaissance in Europe to fight for their rights. Therefore, the art of that time often depicts the fight against slavery in the US. At the end of this epoch, the Americans celebrated the victory of the democratic revolution.

What Caused the Civil War DBQ Essay

You will often be offered to write a DBQ essay on the topic “What was the cause of the Civil War?” in the USA colleges. Here is an example of how to write such a paper:

With US adoption in 1789, people learned the way to tackle certain conflicts via compromises. Within time, things changed. Therefore, the dilemma between those who were against slavery and who supported it (the South and the North) turned into a war. The primary factors were political, economic, and social gaps. Therefore, the years after 1861 were known to be the darkest ones in the USA’s history.
What is an initial Civil War cause? Actually, it is racial discrimination and slavery, apart from other social and political problems. Minorities no longer wanted to be slaves. It was questionable whether slavery will be prohibited and new states will be included in the US states.

Accept our congratulations! Now you are aware of how to write a DBQ paper for AP US History and World History. What will be next? History is loved by a minority of students so if you are not a fan of history, what should you do then?

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