The Best Argumentative Essay Topics and Genre Features


This paper is a very specific genre of academic writing which requires students to be fully interested in the research and development of the topic. Its main tasks are to collect the necessary materials, their in-depth analysis, the selection of the basic elements as well as the expression of the author’s own point of view. For this reason, it is very important to choose the most suitable idea among the huge number of argumentative essay topics that will really interest a person.

Every high school or college student is aware of a huge number of written assignment variations. 

Perhaps, in elementary school, you do not pay attention to it. However, over time, the pressure becomes stronger and can even make you get lost in a huge variety of diverse options, each of which has its own specifics and required standards

In high school, students study more important and serious problems. For this reason, choosing one idea for further disclosure can be a very difficult task.

In fact, to write a great reasoned essay, you need the following key skills:

  • literacy or written opinion;
  • analytical thinking;
  • research part.

If you are having difficulty using any of the above items, contact online help and find all the necessary information and guidance on how to complete this task.

Below we have collected a huge number of different ideas that can be used for your academic paper.

Let’s Start With Simple Ideas

  • Free education for all segments of society and why is it important?
  • Features of the US culture and the reasons for the intensive development of the state level.
  • Internet access restrictions for different ages.
  • The right to choose a young man with regard to the military issue.
  • The specifics of education in the United States and how it relates to students from other states.
  • Why should students choose only the scientific disciplines that they really like?
  • The benefits of learning different languages ​​and where to start.
  • Commerce and the modern educational process.
  • Is the academic grading system fair in our time?
  • The effectiveness of the SAT and other types of testing.
  • Key features and shortcomings of the MBA system.

What About Sports

  • Ways to maintain a healthy weight in young children.
  • Physical disciplines in school education.
  • The impact of participation in the NCAA on student performance.
  • Record achievements in sports.
  • Michael Jordan and his role in the world of basketball.

When It Comes to High School

  • Correlation between food weight and physical activity.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the various diets.
  • Ways to combat anorexia.
  • The relationship between healthy living and good sleep.
  • Golf role in today’s entertainment industry.
  • What measures should be taken for athletes who take the steroids?
  • The pros and cons of swimming.
  • Figure skating and other sports that are dangerous.

Ideas That Come in Handy in College

  • Should tobacco production and sales be eliminated?
  • Death sentences as a possible punishment in various countries.
  • Public places and smoking.
  • Ways to control alcohol consumption. 
  • Should alcohol sales be banned after 11 p.m.?
  • The relationship between litigation and television.
  • Should be banned the sale of energy drinks?
  • From what age does a person have the right to take part which may affect the course of development of states?
  • The optimal age of which a person may mean to drink alcohol or smoke.
  • Universal justice – reality or utopia?
  • Industrial revolution as the universal phenomenon of the 19th century.

Examples of the Classic Research Ideas

  • Prohibition of the use of animals for experiments and studies of any kind.
  • Destruction of rainforests as a serious crime
  • Does the emergence of electric vehicles contribute to global pollution?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of globalization
  • Construction of the Panama Canal and Theodore Roosevelt
  • Is the military who invaded the king world right to study its features?
  • Climate change and possible implications for the United States of America
  • Why earthquakes are dangerous?
  • Tsunami and its consequences for the planet.
  • Amazonian forests as a separate art form.
  • What animals and plants should be part of the Red Book?
  • Ways to attract students to the movement for life and nature conservation.

Ideas That Cause Disputes

  • Ways to Prevent World War III.
  • Changing the rules of the educational process
  • Correlation between gun control and crime control methods
  • Law and gay marriage.
  • Should society be over-regulated
  • High level of corruption in various states
  • Illegal actions among politicians of the United States of America
  • People with disabilities are no different from the rest.
  • Can you learn to be a politician?
  • Is the law the same for all citizens?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the monarchy.

Technology Topics

  • Ban cruel video games.
  • Loneliness and technology.
  • Dirty language in the comments on YouTube videos and ways to deal with them.
  • Whether technology zombies people?
  • When does technological progress stop?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using mobile devices.
  • Correlation between technology and the educational process

Social Media and Argumentative Paper

  • The impact of technology on creative thinking.
  • What is the position of communication in social networks in modern society?
  • Young people are addicted to technology.
  • The advantages of friends over the Internet over imaginary.
  • Censorship and social networks.

Writing various types of academic papers is a very good practice that will help you not only in performing various educational tasks, but also develops the ability to communicate with other people in real life. The purpose of argumentative c is to develop your discussion skills. In the future, this may affect the quality of your public speaking.

How to Choose Idea and First Steps

Of course, at first, it may seem that the best way to choose a topic is to contact your supervisor or professor. On the other hand, developing your own ideas is a much more useful activity, which in many ways can help you in your future life.

Nevertheless, you should remember that the best option would be if you first try to deal with this difficulty and resolve all possible issues without the involvement of third parties.

If you have decided on the direction and have chosen the most suitable topic of interest to you, go to the process of writing an argumentative essay. The first step in this work is to gather information. You can ask your mentor for help or try to find the sources yourself. Nevertheless, remember that not all possible materials are reliable and carefully check the information. 

Below we have described materials that can help you develop your own point of view.

  • official statistics;
  • various documents;
  • study materials;
  • books;
  • scientific and academic journals.

Do not be afraid to use the data and quote relevant literature even if you have a huge amount of knowledge. On the contrary, it will help you better navigate in a long list of different sources. Choose the best and most tested materials from them. In addition, quotes can reinforce the significance of your opinion making the work more scientific and of high quality.

Nevertheless, if you are still confused or have problems with the various stages of writing an argumentative essay, do not get upset. A professional Internet company specializing in this matter will be happy to help. Highly qualified writers will provide excellent and well-written papers in the shortest possible time.

A Few Words About the Workflow

The structure of the reasoned essay is no different from the traditional format. writing of any other academic paper and includes such stages as

  • detailed analysis of the papers by other researchers on a selected topic;
  • the wider collection of materials;
  • selection of the most relevant sources;
  • creation of a brief sketch;
  • writing comparison and highlighting of the main elements;
  • proofreading and correction of defects;
  • thorough check;
  • final part.

Without a doubt, the last phase of the workflow is the most important point in writing an argumentative essay. The conclusion can either confirm the good impression created at the beginning of the work or spoil it. For this reason, if you want your final part to be familiarized with a number of specific recommendations and treat this task with all responsibility.

Try to choose a topic that you like the most because the entire workflow will depend on it. You should also carefully follow all recommendations and requirements. In case of any troubles, you can contact your mentor or professor for the support. If all important aspects are taken into account, your work will be wonderful and guaranteed to bring excellent results.

Some More Information

Often students are busy with a huge number of important things and simply do not find time to perform various academic tasks. Nevertheless, education is still an important aspect that occupies far from the last position in the life of every person. For this reason, in the event of a collision with the need to write some paper, you can always turn to professionals for help and not waste time searching for a suitable idea and going through all stages of the work process. 

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