How to Write an Essay on a Pop Culture Topic

Pop Culture Topics 2020

Pop culture is a broad field of various points you might cover with your essay. You might go into many various directions with a pop culture topic. Also, various cultural fields might be strongly connected with one another. As long as nothing lies on the surface, you should be prepared for intense and long research.

With a contemporary living style, we are the elements of the popular cultural phenomenon, even if we do not want it. We are influenced by it every day in different ways. It might be through communication between people, TV, or smartphone. It is not good or bad. It all depends on your feelings about it. 

Constant entertainment is touching every part of society. Art and history are connected with thousands of various wires. Some of them are deeply rooted, while others are clear. Here you will be introduced to various interesting pop culture topics. We did our best to find the most exciting pieces of information to help you compose the best essay. 

If it comes to the structure, there are no limits. It all depends on the essay type you deal with. If it is just an informative paper, you will have to compose a 5-paragraph paper that will tell about a certain aspect of cultural popularity. It is all about the way people communicate with each other, the food they prefer, and what entertains them.

Consider a common paper structure you might find in other popular assignments:

  • Intro (introduction) – the 1st paragraph to present the thesis. Tell in a few sentences about your target and topic. Make a solid hook to engage the reader to read on.
  • Main Body – 3 paragraphs with description and detailed explanation of the issue. There must be, at least, one piece of evidence in every paragraph.
  • Conclusion – Summarize the entire topic in several sentences and restate the thesis statement. No new information should be presented here.

Writing a pop culture essay, you will have to make a catchy hook in the introduction. You should make the reader interested in the topic, so the pop culture essay introduction must be engaging. Secondly, when you compose a pop culture essay, you will have to write a strong thesis statement. A thesis statement is, actually, the main idea of the essay. It might consist of one or two sentences, but not more. 

The next part when writing a pop culture essay is the main body or body paragraphs. Here you will have to begin each of the paragraphs with a topic sentence that supports your thesis statement. Then you can provide the reader with an example that clarifies your main idea. After example, you should end the paragraph with a summary. Note that one of your body paragraphs may include a counter argument which does not support the main idea of the paper.

Finish your paper with a pop culture essay conclusion. Summarize and analyze all the arguments for and against and generate a logical conclusion. Note that no new information can be included in the concluding paragraph. You may provide the reader with food for thought, inspiration, or call to action in the final statement of the essay.  

Some people might say that pop culture is focused on consuming. But we would like to disagree. We think it is more about lifestyle, globalization, communication, fun, relationships, and fashion. 

Pop Culture Essay Topics

Check out these pop culture topics about various aspects:

Beauty and Style Essay

  1. Talk about beauty injections and botox, which are so popular nowadays. This tendency started in the 2000s and remains popular until these days. However, today we have better technologies. Discuss mainstream beauty trends that were spread by idols and other channels.
  2. Body shape tendencies. At various times there were various beauty and fashion tendencies. For example, in the 1990s, a beautiful woman was the one who was very thin. However, today the women with curves are considered to be trendy. To discuss the trends that influenced your body shape.
  3. Men trends. More and more males are thinking about the way they look and take care of themselves more than they tend to do earlier. Now, typical hairstyles and beards have become a part of modern pop culture and fashion.  Entertainment Essay
  4. Celebrities are becoming worshipped more and more these days. No matter whether you are a singer, actor, or dancer, you are idolized most of the time. Famous people play a great role in the lives of contemporary people. Discuss whether it is possible to decrease their influence on ordinary people.
  5. Anti-utopia and post-apocalyptic movies. Do they show the objective side of contemporary times? Is it possible to prevent catastrophes and other harmful changes in our society? Try to offer your ways out with arguments.
  6. The role of females in modern pop culture has modified. A heroine of modern times is a person with both negative and positive sides. Discuss the changes in modern pop culture, regarding the females and the way they look.

Social Problems Essay

  1. What genre and style of music are the most preferable and popular these days? Are hip-hop and rap more popular than punk and rock today? Conduct interesting research on this topic. Discuss how music reflects the feel and mood of the time.
  2. How the author’s background is related to art? How life events impact the creation process of the masterpiece? Utilize the popular examples showing the cases when art depended on the author’s background and environment.
  3. Is gender important for people to succeed? Utilize the pop culture examples to back up your opinion. Discuss the negative examples and stereotypes from pop culture history. 

Bottom Line

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