How to Write an Expository Essay: Main Rules

How to Write an Expository Essay

If you are planning to compose an expository essay, you should get prepared to spend a lot of time researching books. Compared to other essay types, generating an effective expository paper might be rather complicated. The most important idea here is to make a description of how a definite process operates or explain a specific situation.

To give your reader an adequate explanation, you must have a specific image of a definite thing. Note that it is not possible to write about the topic that you feel you are not interested in and do not know anything concerning it. Therefore, a great bunch of pre-writing job is a must for you to present the expository essay to the target audience.

Composing such a paper is not a piece of cake, especially, in case, you do not make research upon the work. You might include data grounded on your personal life findings; however, it must not be the one and only source.

There are 2 main things which are the keys to success when expository paper writing such as understanding the reason why you write it and proper work organization. Some questions might appear, but here you will find the answers to all of them you may face. Follow these instructions and guidelines to generate an A-grade essay.

What is an Expository Essay?

If you hear such a word combination as an “expository essay” for the first time, you might wonder how it must be written and what it is. The first thing that you need to know is its main idea. Memorize this simple formula to explain what the expository paper is in simple words: data plus analysis.

Just imagine: your friend has asked you to explain the rules of English grammar and you are expected to explain every single detail and the way the sentences are formulated. sounds easy?

As soon as you answer the most necessary question “What is an expository paper?”, you would better begin to search for the relevant data. Use all the materials you might find on the Internet carefully since not all of them are taken from credible sources, but you need only reliable ones. Choose the most trustworthy data for the paper topic you are planning to write.

Check out the expository samples that you might find easily on the Internet. Read essay type definition before you begin to write and have a look at the illustrative example to help you write a superb essay.

Top-Rated Expository Essay Examples

To have a clear and concise picture of the requirements and writing style, glance over these expository essay samples.

Here is one sample upon the topic “The efficient ways to feel happy” for you to check out.

One more example of the expository paper topic “What is the best reaction for a teenager’s desire to date?”

You may utilize these expository paper examples as a base to help you create your own essay.

Expository Essay Definition

Expository paper is such a paper where you should provide arguments and examine a certain topic. You should clearly present the main idea. Utilize contrast and comparison. Include all the explanations of specific phenomena and relevant examples.

Unique Expository Essay Topics

There might be many expository paper topics for you to select. Do you need to choose the topic yourself and were not assigned to a certain topic by your teacher? Then it will be better to concentrate on your reader. Select the topic after brainstorming to draw your audience’s attention. Be specific and avoid general topics. Make the research area clear and concise by narrowing it.

Here is a list of expository paper topics for you to select the most appropriate one, depending on your studying requirements.

Expository Essay Topics 8th Grade

  1. Define the certain way you want to spend your free time, explain why.
  2. Choose the person you would prefer to look after and explain why.
  3. Provide instructions on how to ride a skate.
  4. Explain how to memorize new Japanese words.
  5. Explain the way you feel when you receive a low score.

Great Expository Essay Topics

  1. Explain how to organize a healthy diet on a tight budget?
  2. Explain methods to stop school bullying.
  3. How new data technologies affect people’s relations?
  4. What are the aspects of the computer game’s influence on people?
  5. How to be more generous?

Good Expository Essay Topics

  1. Explain how to be on time and manage the time correctly?
  2. What are your strengths?
  3. What is the main impact of gadgets on children?
  4. What is the best method not to become a shopaholic?
  5. Why the number of divorces is so big?

Expository Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. Why and who is your preferable superhero?
  2. Do people need more freedom in modern society?
  3. What is the sense of the word “love” for you?
  4. What does the word “friendship” mean for you?
  5. Why successful people are successful?

Topics for Expository Essays for College

  1. How to eliminate the effect of mass media on children?
  2. What is the best way of investing money and why?
  3. Why and who is your best writer?
  4. What is the most appropriate way of becoming a leader?
  5. What is the way music influences teenagers?

How to Write an Expository Essay Step by Step

Have you picked up the topic for the paper? the next thing you should do is learning about this essay structure. It is worth mentioning that the structure of the expository essay is similar to the structure of other papers.

The essay should sound logical and be well-organized. Ideally, this paper consists of the introduction, body paragraphs (4-5), and the conclusion.

There are several features of each part which you may check out here.

Expository Essay Outline

The logical organization of ideas is the key to the success of the expository essay outline. Prepare an outline before you begin to write the entire paper.

  • Begin with a short and informative intro.
  • Include all findings and analysis in 4-5 paragraphs of the main body.
  • Generate a solid conclusion, summarizing all facts, but not including any new pieces of information.

Expository Essay Introduction

The most necessary section of your writing is the introduction. note that your reader will continue to read your paper only in case the intro is catchy.

Therefore, you should pay more attention to the first sentences of your essay. Take into consideration all of these 3 little tips:

  • Ask a disputable question or give an interesting dilemma.
  • To help the reader understand your motives and intentions, give all new data.
  • Compose a solid expository paper thesis statement.

How to Write an Expository Essay Thesis?

  • Introduce your reader with facts.
  • Assist them in understanding your main point.
  • Explain what is your target writing this paper.

Expository Essay Main Body

Take into account these tips when composing the main body:

  • Begin every paragraph with the topic sentence, presenting the most important idea of it.
  • Give enough supporting sentences within each paragraph.
  • Explain why your facts are crucial.

Expository Essay Conclusion

Coming to the finish of the paper, you would better know how to generate a great conclusion of it.

  • Provide an overview.
  • Find the solutions to the main problems raised in your expository essay.
  • Back up the importance of your research.

Most Effective Advice from Expert

If you write an expository paper properly, it will showcase your skills and talent for writing. Firstly, you will have to understand the sense of the definition of this essay and select the topic you are most interested in. If an individual is passionate or enthusiastic about some topic, he or she will do their best to give a reader the most interesting data.

The author’s personality is the most important thing when writing an expository essay. So you are the number one person under your reader’s focus. All the details of your paper will be viewed through the prism of your personality.

Therefore, you should be attentive to detail. Develop your creative thinking, supporting the piece of writing with unquestionable truth and solid facts

Just imagine: all your thoughts and ideas are puzzles or the pieces of a greater picture. So you should place all of them at each place to make a beautiful picture. Try not to copy other writers and find your unique voice which is precious. Make sure your language is mistakes-free.

Utilize original and individual language to shape your story. Imagine as if your paper is a precious stone so all its facets should be sharpened and shine bright.

Begin to write your masterpiece only if you love what you are writing about and inspired.

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