Compare And Contrast Essay Topics And Tips

88 Outstanding Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

Compare and contrast essay is an academic assignment, which aims to explain how two or more issues are different or similar. Students need to describe similarities or differences in the subjects, places, or even ideas.

On the one hand, this task is rather simple because day after day we compare different things and make a decision. However, when it comes to an essay, many students feel worried and stressed because choosing compare and contrast essay topics is a very important stage, which greatly impacts the result.

If choosing a subject that you truly care about, it’s possible to simplify the process and come up with an outstanding result. Writing with inspiration is rather fruitful!

When choosing compare and contrast essay topics, you may easily get lost in diversity, and it’s not surprising. Every sphere of our lives needs to make a decision, thus leads to comparison and contrast.

When compared to other types, a compare and contrast paper is quite difficult because it’s not a simple narration or description. This assignment takes time because it requires a deep analysis and research. And you shouldn’t forget that sometimes there are no obvious aspects, so you should dive deeper into the topic to find those similarities and differences.

Guidelines on Choosing Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

  1. When selecting a topic, try to find out more about the audience in advance. Take a look at a few topic ideas that may catch the attention of the audience and then brainstorm ideas to find things for the best comparison;
  2. Choose issues that belong to the same sphere. Yes, they should have differences, but most of the things must be in common. For example, home-made sushi or those from a restaurant. A novel was written by a teenager or by an adult;
  3. Apply comparative approach methods. They will help to conduct deeper research and come up with arguments and facts that are not obvious at first glance.

Feel stressed and not knowing which compare and contrast essay topics to choose? Read the best examples below, and you will surely know what to write about.

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics for Scholars

Easy topics:

  1. American vs Japanese understanding of beauty;
  2. Rock vs pop music;
  3. Privat house vs. apartment;
  4. Schoolteacher vs college professor;
  5. Fats vs carbs;
  6. Windows vs Linux;
  7. Paper books vs e-books;
  8. Rap vs classical music;
  9. Theatre vs movies.

Modern technologies

  1. Android vs iOS;
  2. Regular mail vs email;
  3. Shopping offline vs shopping online;
  4. Phone calls vs skype;
  5. Usual home vs smart home;
  6. Samsung vs Nokia.

Popular compare and contrast essay topics

  1. Non-fiction vs fiction;
  2. Winter vs summer;
  3. Christmas vs New Year;
  4. Apples vs oranges;
  5. Literature vs math.

High school topics:

  1. Stalin and Hitler;
  2. Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin;
  3. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman;
  4. Einstein theories;
  5. What are more dangerous: earthquakes or volcanos?
  6. Geology and geography;
  7. Politics in the US now and then;
  8. Two most famous politicians;
  9. World War I and World War II;
  10. Cars vs bicycles;
  11. What is more effective: dieting or physical exercises?
  12. Friendship vs love;
  13. Spring vs autumn;
  14. Gold vs silver;
  15. Paper books vs audiobooks;
  16. Fashion in the 21st and in the 20th centuries;
  17. Chocolate vs ice-cream.

Middle school compare and contrast essay topics

  1. What is better: reading or playing computer games?
  2. Live communication vs text messages;
  3. Printed photos vs Instagram;
  4. Black or white – the best color for uniform;
  5. Dogs vs cats;
  6. Sugar vs salt;
  7. Britney Spears vs Christina Aguilera;
  8. Pear vs pineapple;
  9. Getting gifts vs receiving gifts;
  10. Sunbathing vs hiking;
  11. Long hair vs short hair;
  12. Tea vs coffee.

6th grade compare and contrast essay topics

  1. Passive vs active rest;
  2. Playing at home vs playing outside;
  3. Similarities with your parents;
  4. Doctor vs police officer;
  5. Flying vs swimming;
  6. Football vs soccer;
  7. Basketball vs hockey;
  8. Breakdance vs salsa;
  9. Two Shakespeare plays;
  10. Quotes of two celebrities;
  11. Two classical books;

History compare and contrast essay topics

  1. European vs US history
  2. Two most important figures in British history;
  3. Two public speakers;
  4. Neolithic vs paleolithic period;
  5. Chinese vs American economic growth;
  6. Hitler and Mussolini. 

Literature compare and contrast essay topics

  1. Two prose writers;
  2. Poetry vs prose;
  3. Compare two Harry Potter books;
  4. Joan Rowling vs Tolkien;
  5. Macbeth vs Romeo and Juliet;
  6. Charlotte Bronte vs Jane Austin;
  7. Batman vs Superman;
  8. Two most famous European writers;
  9. Oscar Wilde’s two most popular works;

Great 2020 compare and contrast essay topics

  1. Jeans vs skirts;
  2. Money for a birthday vs a gift;
  3. Traditional cookery books vs video recipes;
  4. Diets for weight loss vs pills;
  5. Branded clothes vs second-hand.

Bonus topics for any occasion:

  1. Animal DNA vs people DNA;
  2. Infection vs virus;
  3. Vitamin complexes vs vitamins from food;
  4. Software vs hardware;
  5. iPhone 8 vs iPhone X;
  6. Women and men;
  7. Pepsi vs cola;
  8. Two most marketed services.

Tips on Writing a Powerful Compare And Contrast Essay

Feeling lost and having no ideas on how to craft a good compare and contrast assignment? Don’t panic! We are ready to share the most powerful and useful tips that will greatly boost your creativity and will help to cope with any assignment you may face.

  1. Start with the basics
    Remember that a compare and contrast essay is about distinguishing people, objects, locations, events, etc. This means that you’ll have to define two (or more) subjects for the future essay. Read topic examples above, ask your tutor or simply write about the things that interest you the most.
  2. Research the subject
    Once the topic is selected, you should do research. Use only scholarly resources from libraries or academic online databases. These can be articles, books, and all sorts of publications. Don’t forget that a compare and contrast essay usually require specific knowledge and deep understanding, so finding facts and arguments is crucial.
    When researching information, don’t forget to note down interesting facts and details. You should also mark the author’s data because later, it will be included in the reference page. Make a list of the common qualities, characteristics, and features. Trust us, they may play an important role in the future, and you won’t have to search for them all over again.
    Stay focused when choosing arguments for an essay. You don’t have to include everything that you learned of. Just select the things which matter and stick to them when writing the essay.
  3. Follow the structure
    Every student should also pay attention to the essay’s structure: there should be an introduction, main paragraphs, and a conclusion. Try to stick to five paragraphs, where each of the paragraphs serves a particular goal: familiarizing readers with a topic, introducing arguments, and summarizing all the findings.
    Remember that starting each paragraph with a catchy phrase or sentence is a must. Thus, you’ll grab the attention of the audience and will be able to make the essay powerful. In addition, make sure that the content is useful because no one wants to waste time on pointless information.
  4. Read examples
    Not the least important advice is getting familiar with online examples. Luckily, there are thousands of them on the Internet, so you can see what other students have to say on your topic, how it should look like, and what elements it must contain. However, you need to use these examples wisely and for informative purposes. Never copy-paste them because plagiarism is a crime.
  5. Proofread and edit
    By this stage, you have already chosen compare and contrast essay topics, have done the research, and have written an essay. But there is one last step that is often neglected – proofreading the final draft.
    Students are always in such a hurry to submit the essay that they simply forget about possible mistakes and typos it can contain. However, even the strongest arguments will fade if your essay has poor spelling, grammar, and punctuation. If you don’t possess solid language skills, turn to friends or a professional proofreader. 

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