All The Truth About APA Essay Format


Many students face various difficulties in preparing an essay. And this is not only about writing paper but rather about its formatting. If your teacher adheres to the APA format, we have prepared for you a detailed guide that will help you understand the rules and get an A-grade.

APA Essay Format Definition

First of all, you need to understand what formatting is like. Already from the name, it is clear that it was developed by the American Psychological Association. It is possible to get yourself acquainted with the article 1929 that was published in the Psychological Bulletin. This text presents general key recommendations. Nowadays this reference style is commonly used to cite different sources. Mostly it involves social sciences and psychology. It is the best way to avoid plagiarism which is considered to be a fraud.

Which purpose has the APA’s editorial style? It is pretty simple. Each student or person of science should have s structured, clear and consistent guide. It created to help you work with:

  • Choice of headings, the volume, punctuation rules, writing tone, successful abbreviations
  • Using relevant statistics, numbers, numbers, and tabulation
  • Quoting Links
  • General recommendations

General APA Recommendations

Below you will find a list of general recommendations that will give you an idea of ​​the APA style. You can rely on them, but be sure to study the recommendations of your professor. They may slightly differ from the generally accepted ones, depending on the features of your student assignment.

  • Type your essay on standard 8.5 paper from 11 inches.
  • Use 1-inch margins for all sides.
  • Make sure you’ve chosen the font that is clear and easy to read.
  • Times New Roman 12-point font is the best choice for any purpose. But of course, there are a lot of other fonts that are also nice for this purpose.
  • Include a page title (a running head) above the text on each page.
  • Enter your page number on the right side of the page.
  • Enter the name of your paper in the upper left of the page.

What is the running head? You should know it is a shorter version of the title of your college essay. And there are strict requirements for its length. The maximum is 50 characters. Keep in mind that punctuation and spaces are included.

Major APA Paper Sections

You should know that the final structure of your paper may some vary. It depends on whether you write a laboratory report, academic article, case study or an essay. Some of them may contain additional sections that, e.g. describe the research method, discussion, final results. There are also different essay types, each of them requires a personal approach. 

However, each document should contain the next four key sections.

Title Page

You need the title page to present your essay. People should understand what you are going to write about, just by reading the title page. Usually, it consists of the following:

  • A headline. It is a sentence with a maximum of 12 words that develops the main topic and the essential points of your paper.
  • Author’s name. Indicate all the necessary dataю Don’t use abbreviations when you indicate names or even degrees, such as doctor or doctor of sciences.
  • School of authorship: You should indicate the educational institution that provides you with academic help; or two of them.
  • Running head: It is the short version of the title that helps to identify pages of your essay.

And don’t forget about the page number!


What is an abstract? Actually, this part is really important. It is a very short and objective summary of your essay. You should use only 150-250 words to describe your main point. You should cover your research topic, essential issues, the methods you have used, all the participants. And don’t forget about the brief explanation of results and analytical information. For greater accuracy, write an abstract after filling out the essay in the following format:

  • Place the word “Abstract” when starting your new page. Write a running head and enter 2 to indicate the page number.
  • A format in a structure similar to your academic work. Start with a brief introduction, then outline some methods you use. Write your discussion sections and provide readers with the final results of your essay or academic paper.
  • Firstly, write a draft to achieve brevity, summing up each section of your essay before writing the final version.
  • A list of keywords is pretty useful. It is the way how do researchers find your paper from a huge number of databases.

Main Body

In fact, this is the most essential part of the essay. You should start it from the new page, using the same footer and continuing pagination. Type the name of your paper again and start to explain your thoughts. You should also use double space with the indent from the first line of the paragraph. The guidelines say that the main text of the essay should consist of 4 sections only: introduction, methodology, final research results, and your conclusions.


Make a list of sources used and place them on a new page after the main text. Type the word “Literature,” center alignment at the top. Type the list of authors in alphabetical order. For sources without authors, use sorting by the first letter of the title. In-text editors with built-in APA style templates, you can format the bibliography automatically.

APA Essays Tips for College Students

We have prepared a checklist that will make your formatting as easy as possible. Follow these steps to make sure you’ve done your job perfectly.

  1. Learn to insert quotes correctly. APA style provides slight differences for quotes from different sources.
  2. Attach tables, graphs, or comments. If there is information confirming your research, but it takes up too much space, you should place it after the main text.
  3. Check your paper for mistakes. As you work, keep track of several important points: your presentation should be brief and clear. Don’t forget to proofread your paper to get rid of any mistakes. It doesn’t matter whether they are grammar or spelling. When all the formatting requirements of the APA are met, review the text several times; during each check, pay attention to a specific item.
  4. It is a good idea to ask a friend to check your essay one more time for punctuation, spelling, and grammar. This will focus on the formatting and content of the work.
  5. You can find many sample publications on the Internet. If any design rule is not entirely clear, find a similar job and use the same formatting (you need to download the work from a reliable site).
  6. Contact us and make an order from professionals with a huge experience.

Stay focused and you will prepare the perfect essay with the correct format.

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